What's so thrilling about "Bless Online"? Users lured by the New MMORPG

Updated On 29 May, 2018 Published On

Neowiz Games, headquartered in South Korea is set to launch a new MMORPG, Bless Online. The multiplayer online role-playing game already has its gamers excited to the core, set to spend hours in order to gain level and get some uber loot prior to its release.

The official trailer of Bless Online has amassed all the love for the MMORPG lovers, uploaded on October 27, 2017, the video has over 22K views.

VIDEO: Bless Online official trailer (2018)

Bless Online, developed jointly by Neowiz Games and Neowiz Bless Studio and directed by Han Jacob, will come out tomorrow, Wednesday, May 30 via Steam Early Access.

Neowiz Games has released Cross Fire (2007), S4 League (2007), Battlefield Online (2010).

With fans goings desperate for its release, find out why's there all the fuss about Bless Online, here:

Like other MMORPG; TERA (2011), Black Desert Online (2014), Secret World Legends (2012), Bless Online is also a traditional MMORPG that depicts the world in a state of war. With the on-going war in between Old Gods, dragons, and other races, the users will get to level up throughout the batteling-game.

The Holy Hieron Empire, who believes order can be attained by ruling the entire continent and by having a more single ruler, has control over the north side of the continent. The game takes place on the north side of the continent. Union, a military alliance who control the southern part of the continent reuses to live under Hieron's regime.

Bless Online includes standard humans, elves, and other unique races. There are only five classes; berserker, paladin, ranger, mage and guardian and two traditional classes; mystic and assassin

New players will have the choice to be a part of any side when starting out. Once a character is created, it's off the task, killing monsters for hours on end.

When can one play Bless Online?

Bless' official release date is on May 30, but for those to purchase the Founder Pack, with starting price of $40, the Founder's Pack has been released on Monday, May 28. In case you wait for the release date, you can have the game for $30. MMORPG lovers can buy an optional premium membership for $15 a month, which includes additional items, buffs, and discounts - to gain more gold and experience points.