What's Jill Wagner net worth? How much she earns and which car she drives?

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Actress/Model Jill Wagner is mostly renowned as a game show personality. She is the host of ABC’s comic competition ‘Wipeout’. This talented yet gorgeous lady has an amazing net worth of $4 million. Due to such huge net worth, we can guess that her salary must be equally high.

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Jill Wagner and her love for cars

Jill Wagner has a deep love for cars. She worked as an auto spokesmodel for Ford in the past. She was widely known as ‘Mercury Girl’ then. During an interview with, Wagner said that her father owned a tire shop and always had a new car to sell every week. She further said: “I have a love for cars”. She also said that she has a deep love for vintage cars.

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Jill Wagner's first car

When she was asked about her first car, she said: “Oh, God,... my dad had this old, beat up, brown – I don't even – I think it was a Ford – all I know is you could barely even tell it was a truck, it was so beat up... he used to haul tires in it. That's my first memory – that's pretty much what he took us to school in every day. It was just a little beater, y'know? Of course, my dad has a love for speed, so he was always into the Corvettes. He had a yellow Corvette, which I think when I was 15, I stole, and I drove it down the road. Of course, with this big, bright yellow Corvette, all the neighbors saw that I was driving the car, and so, of course, he got five phone calls! (laughs). It was literally cars everywhere...a lot of Cadillacs made it in and out of my household.”

Image: Jill Wagner as the mercury girl

Jill Wagner's Glorious career

Wagner’s career as a model began in 2003. She appeared as a cast member of MTV’s ‘Punk’d’. After that Wagner appeared in ‘Stuff’ magazine. In 2004, she became the 90th Maxim Hot 100 Women. In 2006, Wagner appeared in FHM magazine. From 2005 to 2011, she became the Ford Motor Company's Mercury brand and alter got popular as "The Mercury Girl." In 2006, Wagner could be seen as Krista Starr in the Spike TV’s ‘Blade: The Series’. In 2008, Wagner was the lead in ‘Splinter’ which was a horror movie.


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In 2008, Wagner became the co-host of ABC’s reality show ‘Wipeout’. She gained much fame from this show. She left the show in 2011. After that, Wagner appeared in MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf’ in June 2011. However, Wagner returned to Wipeout’s 7th season. In 2013, Wagner appeared in YouTube series ‘The Mythical Show’. At present, Wagner is the co-host of WGN America’s ‘Inside the Vault’.
This is how Wagner has earned her net worth.

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Thus we see that Wagner has worked very hard to reach up to where she is today. Please leave your kind comments for this wonderful lady.