What Is This Rivalry Between Obama & Donald Trump: Stephen Moore Claims Obama of Spying on Trump, Absurdity or Truth

Updated On 23 May, 2018 Published On

Is it jealousy that has crawled in or is it just a sort of absurdity from Stephen Moore, who has alleged the former president Barack Obama of spying on the current president, Donald Trump. 

Well, with the claims making headlines, CNN host Don Lemon has come up defending Barack of the claims by economic policy analyst Stephen Moore. As mentioned by Moore, the former president has personally dispatched a group to infiltrate the Trump campaign.

Moreover, Moore even came up with mentions that the president is extremely incensed at Obama for the ridiculous activity. 

Having said that, none of the claims, as explained, has been yet officially verified. 

Lemon, who stands subtly at the Barack's side did not bear to say "No" to Moore's question concerning Barack's alleged infiltration, "doesn’t it trouble you at all."

Lemon further went on to, in a way, defend Barack and explain his point behind saying "No."

Because there is no evidence that it happened,” Lemon said of the claim that Obama was spying on Trump. “It is a complete red herring. All built on conspiracy theories and residents of Capitol Hill are going along with it. You guys did the same thing with the whole unmasking thing which turned out to be nothing, which turned out to be a conspiracy theory, and this is a conspiracy theory as well. So, we should investigate things on conspiracy theories? The entire [special counsel Robert] Mueller investigation, how many people have pleaded guilty in the Mueller investigation? 

To all the explanation by Lemon, Moore had a different approach and fluently tried to twist the words. He said that in case the Muller investigation had moved on, the Mueller team would have come after him and that would have cost him millions of dollars to defend.

He further said, 

I would have been potentially charged with prison sentences.

To this, Lemos reposted that it would only happen if Moore was guilty.

Moreover, it is not the first time that the claims have been made against Barack by Trump. Prior to this, the former President Obama was accused of wiretapping Trump in Trump Tower. The claim was proved to be false.

Well, the politics had never been in any way a fair play, but with the change of time, the so-called politics has more and more changed it shape blending itself more with the villainous character in the politically based movies.

Anyway, we will eventually get to know the guilty guy. And the "truth."