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Home Gossip What is the Untold Story of Daniel Tosh? In Relationship after breaking up with Megan Abrigo?

What is the Untold Story of Daniel Tosh? In Relationship after breaking up with Megan Abrigo?

Shree Krishna Tue Jul, 2017
What is the Untold Story of Daniel Tosh? In Relationship after breaking up with Megan Abrigo?

This well-known 42-year old Hollywood man, Daniel Dwight Tosh is an American actor, comedian, executive producer, TV host, voice actor, and writer. In the year 1997, this multi talented personality started his career as a stand-up comedian and later in 2009 Daniel featured as a host in the comedy central television show "Tosh.0."

Daniel has also featured in dozens of TV series like Brickleberry, Supreme Court of Comedy and so on. Always catching media speculation for his black comedy and sarcastic commentary, Daniel also has been in the news for his love life.

After his split with girlfriend Megan Abrigo, did he date any girls, or is he still single? With millions of fans willing to know about Daniel's relationship and love affairs, today we will take down the love life of Daniel Tosh. All you need to do is scroll the page.

Daniel relationship with Megan Abrigo

Daniel Tosh and Megan Abrigo met each other for the first time while working together on the sets of Tosh.0 in 2009. Abrigo,31, is an American model and actress well renowned for Deal or No Deal, Tosh.0.

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Daniel and Megan were working together in Tosh.0, and it was obvious for them to face each other several of times and as their meetings elevated Daniel and Megan started to have feelings for each other. And from the month of February 2009, Daniel and Megan started to date.

Daniel Tosh with his ex-girlfriend Megan Abrigo

Daniel Tosh with his co-worker of Josh.0 Megan Abrigo, who became his Girlfriend

Source: ECF

But regardless of their chemistry, news on their relationship began to surface only after Daniel sounded off about his relationship with Megan on his show's special "Happy Thoughts."

Soon after Daniel made his relationship official with Megan, the couple were spotted in several places. One on the list we have is Gansevoort Southern Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida where the couple was seen enjoying some time together.

Daniel and Megan spotted while having some time in Miami Beach

Daniel and Megan spotted together while leaving a party at the Gansevoort Southern Hotel in Florida

And while performing at Lincoln Theatre in Miami Beach, part of the South Beach Comedy Festival, Daniel was spotted with his girlfriend, Megan. When one of Daniel's lady fans circled him saying;

Hey, rock-star man, come here!

Daniel in an attempt to make a way out from the crowd across the roof to find the elevators with Megan shouts;

You're weirding me out.

Are Daniel and Megan still together?

The couple started to date each other from February of 2009 and indeed were on good terms. Is this lovely couple still in a relationship? Let's find out.

A relation has a breaking point and things always don't exactly work as planned, isn't it? And on a sad note, the couple called it off after being in a relationship for six years. The year of 2014 turned out to be the black year for their relationship.

The relationship started to stumble when Daniel talked about Megan in a poor manner in front of the viewers in the special show of Tosh.0 "Happy Thoughts." Soon afterward the news regarding Daniel and Megan stopped appearing on social sites. The breaking point for the relationship appeared on Daniel's Twitter account when he tweeted;

Married? Ballerina Wife? Who is he pointing this to? "A ballerina wife" whom Daniel mentioned in his tweet is still a mystery and there aren't any official statements from Daniel regarding the ballerina. Was the ballerina a card show that Daniel played just to mislead Megan, or what could it be? What do you guys think about the tweet?

Is Daniel currently single?

Daniel once stated that Megan meant everything to him and he would never give up on her. But as we go down the road it indeed appears as if the couple has decided to walk a different path.

As there is no news, no pictures of Daniel and Megan seems they are completely out of contact. And after the break-up, he isn't linked to any other beauty, looks like he got broken and didn't want any relationships. Not to forget Daniel is also alleged to be gay, but considering his relationship with Megan, the allegation seems false.

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