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Home Gossip What is the net worth of Wayne Carini? Know about his prosperous career

What is the net worth of Wayne Carini? Know about his prosperous career

Ashmita Karki Sat Jan, 2017
What is the net worth of Wayne Carini? Know about his prosperous career

There are only a few people who can turn their passion for cars into real. Wayne Carini is one of them. He is most widely known for his amazing car restoring work. Carini has a jaw-dropping net worth of $20 million. His dedication and hard work have helped him earn so much money. Let’s have a closer look at Carini’s works.

Wayne Carini is a car lover

Carini is undoubtedly a car lover. He has an amazing collection of rare and classic cars. He has worked as a car restorer for a very long time. Wayne’s work on cars includes body repairing, modifying and painting on rare and outlandish cars. He sells his cars to celebrities and millionaires.

Image: Wayne Carini

Image: The evergreen Wayne Carini


Wayne Carini's career

Carini has been successful in achieving popularity due to his amazing work. He has appeared in many magazines and TV as well. In order to discover more about classic cars, Carini has also produced a documentary named ‘Chasing Classic Cars’. The documentary gained a lot of fame as it mainly focused restoration and sale of cars which have not formerly been shown in public for years.

Talking about Carini’s passion for cars, it grew when he was very young. He worked with his father on some famous brands such as Ford, Duisenberg, and Lincolns. Carini's first car was a 1914 Saxon Roadster which was gifted to him by his father for securing good grades in school. He was only ten years old then. After that, he owned many cars such as Bentley, Ferrari, MG's, MINI Cooper and all other types of cars that one can ever imagine. He learned the art of restoring a Ferrari from Francois Sicard, a former Ferrari racing mechanic.

Wayne Carini in 1926 Bentley 3 liter touring car.

Caption: Wayne Carini in 1926 Bentley 3 liter touring car.


Carini owns three successful motor company; F40 Motorsport, Continental Auto Ltd, and, Carini Carozzeria. These are the source of Carini’s income. Hence, we can say that his annual salary is very high. This is how Carini has earned his net worth of $20 million.

Video: Tour of Chasing Classic Cars and its amazing car collection

Wayne Carini humanitarian works

Despite a successful businessman, Carini is also a very benevolent person. He is working for the cure of Autism in an indirect way. This means that Carini donates for a research to find Autism’s cure. He is also involved in organizations that work for children who requires special need.

Image: Wayne Carini in a 1952 Hudson Italia ?

Image: Wayne Carini looks charming in a 1952 Hudson Italia 


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