Weird Al Yankovic And Wife Suzanne Krajewski Married Since 2001: Their Love Life And Children

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Weird Al Yankovic's name perfectly matches his career. Renowned for his parody songs, 59-year-old Yankvoic born as Alfred Matthew Yankovic is the winner of 4 Grammy Awards and 11 nominations. 

Yankovic's with a record of 4 gold records and 6 platinum records in the United States along with his successful career is also blessed with a healthy married life. He is currently married to his wife Suzanne Krajewski and shares a child. The couple married for seventeen years is free from the mishaps of divorce. Know more about Weird Al Yankovic' married life, affairs, relationship, and children.

Weird Al Yankovic and Suzanne Krajewski's Relationship Beginning

Suzanne Krajewski and Weird Al Yankovic' first encounter took place because of their mutual friend, Bill Mumy. 

Even though Suzanne was not quite sure about dating Weird Al at first but later she thought that it would be shallow of her just to be looking at a person and judging. The couple got along very quickly then.

CAPTION: Suzanne Krajewski with husband Weird Al Yankovic SOURCE: pinimg

In case you don't know, Suzanne and her beau had multiple phone conversation before they went out. Weird Al admits that he already had a crush on her before seeing her. He said:

She was asking me all these questions about my life and I said, 'You can just watch my VH1 Behind The Music tomorrow.

Though, the couple has not disclosed the exact date of their dating which later turned to a beautiful and strong marriage.

Weird Al Yankovic married life with Suzanne Krajewski

The lovey-dovey couple; Suzanne Krajewski and Weird Al Yankovic took their relationship to the next level. They got married on February 10, 2001. Neither Suzanne nor Weird Al had married before, so it was the first for both of them. 

Now, the couple is living seventeen years long married life with no rumors of divorce and separation issues. There are no any rumors of their extra-marital affairs broadcasted in the media.

In an interview with Rollingstone, Weird Al revealed that neither of them intends to be married ever again. This makes us aware that the love between them is very deep and intact.

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On February 11, 2003, Suzanne and Weird Al got the privilege to become parents for the first time after they welcomed their daughter Nina. Nina, who is 14 years old now, is growing up with love and care from both her parents. 

Suzanne Krajewski with husband Weird Al Yankovic

Suzanne Krajewski with her beau Al Yankovic  Source: Zim bio

In the same interview, Weird Al revealed that he used to enjoy being single, but after the arrival of his wife and daughter in his life, he is happier.

Suzanne Krajewski with husband Weird Al Yankovic and daughter Nina

Suzanne Krajewski with husband Weird Al Yankovic and daughter Nina  Source: Pinterest

Isn't it so delightful to know that the person who makes everyone laugh is not just showing happiness outside, but is actually happy from inside as well?

We hope Weird Al Yankovic' married relationship with his wife Suzanne Krajewski stays as it is forever.

Quick Facts:

How old is Weird Al Yankovic?

As of 2019, Weird Al Yankovic is 59 years of age. He was born on October 23, 1959.

Does Weird Al Yankovic have children?

With his wife Suzanne Yankovic, he has a daughter named Nina Yankovic. She was born on February 11, 2003, and is currently 16 years of age.