Weird Al Yankovic And His Wife Suzanne Krajewski Married Since 2001: Their Love Life And Children

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Weird Al Yankovic's name perfectly matches his career. He is renowned for parody songs done by contemporary acts of music as well as funny songs that throw light on pop culture. Yankovic is a multi-talented man whose talent's admiration will always be less no matter what we say. Therefore, today we are talking about the lady behind such talented man.

You might be curious to know whether Weird Al is single or dating someone. Well, the answer is, He is married. Yes, you read it right. Weird Al is happily married to Suzanne Krajewski. Suzanne is famous as Weird Al's wife. Their married life is going smoothly without any divorce rumors. Continue reading to know about their relationship and children:

Weird Al Yankovic and  Suzanne Krajewski first meeting and dating

Suzanne and Weird Al first encounter took place because of their mutual friend, Bill Mumy. Even though Suzanne was not quite sure about dating Weird Al at first but later she thought that it would be shallow of her to just be looking at a person and judging. The couple got along very quickly later.

Suzanne Krajewski with husband Weird Al Yankovic and daughter Nina

Suzanne Krajewski with husband Weird Al Yankovic

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In case you don't know, Suzanne and her beau had multiple phone conversation before they went out. Weird Al admits that he already had a crush on her before seeing her. He said:

"She was asking me all these questions about my life and I said, 'You can just watch my VH1 Behind The Music tomorrow."

Weird Al Yankovic and  Suzanne Krajewski wedding and daughter

The lovey-dovey couple took their relationship to next level in 2001 by getting married. Neither Suzanne nor Weird Al had married before so it was the first for both of them. 

In an interview with Rollingstone, Weird Al revealed that neither of them intends to be married ever again. This makes us aware that the love between them is very deep and intact.

Watch Weird: The Al Yankovic Story:

In 2003, Suzanne and Weird Al got the privilege to become parents for the first time after they welcomed their daughter Nina. Nina, who is 14 years old now, is growing up with love and care from both her parents. 

Suzanne Krajewski with husband Weird Al Yankovic

Suzanne Krajewski with her beau Al Yankovic

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In the same interview, Weird Al revealed that he used to enjoy being single but after the arrival of his wife and daughter in his life, he is happier.

Suzanne Krajewski with husband Weird Al Yankovic and daughter Nina

Suzanne Krajewski with husband Weird Al Yankovic and daughter Nina

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Isn't it so delightful to know that the person who makes everyone laugh is not just showing happiness outside, but is actually happy from inside as well. We hope Weird Al's relationship with his wife Suzanne Krajewski stays as it is forever.

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