War Machine: Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver Jailed For Life For Beating Pornographic Actress Christy Mack

Updated On 06 Jun, 2017 Published On

American former professional mixed martial artist, known as War Machine is recently sentenced a lifetime of jail for assaulting his ex-porn star girlfriend, Christy Mack.

Jonathan or let's say War Machine was reportedly accused of sexually assaulting and kidnapping his ex-girlfriend and was sentenced on Monday to a lifetime prison.

Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver or War Machine

Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver or War Machine

Before appearing in the court on Monday, Mack with tears in his eyes said that she didn't know how long of a sentence would make things “feel right,” but that no amount will stop her from fearing for her life. He said:

I don’t know if my life will feel complete in 12 years or 30 years and neither do you, but I do know when he gets out he will kill me,

Moreover, before being officially sentenced, Koppenhaver confirmed that he regretted what he had done every day and that something was wrong with his head. He said:

There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t seriously regret all of the things that I did,” Koppenhaver said. “I was a very, very lost and very empty person.”

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Well, we are yet to see what is ahead of his life.