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Home Gossip WABC’s Lauren Glassberg has a son but she is not married. Is she engaged or has a boyfriend?

WABC’s Lauren Glassberg has a son but she is not married. Is she engaged or has a boyfriend?

Saja Sunuwar Tue Jul, 2016
WABC’s Lauren Glassberg has a son but she is not married. Is she engaged or has a boyfriend?

Emmy Award-winning journalist Lauren Glassberg is busy on her daily schedule of work. She has been featuring on WABC’s show Eyewitness News since 2000 in New York. We all know that she has a baby boy, who is 2 years old. Lauren shared the news about being a mom for the first time, of course, every mom says that being a mom is the best part of life. But journalist Lauren’s story is quite curious. Firstly, she shared the news about her newly born baby but she never mentioned about her husband or boyfriend. Is she married or Did she get a divorce?

Lauren Glassberg started her journalism career during her teenage, doing an internship in Fort Lauderdale Newspaper and working at Fox-TV in Chicago. However, her first paid job began from WAKC-TV and ABC, affiliate in Acron. She got $5 and $6 salary for an hour so she continued the job for a year. She left Akron and joined Little Rock, where she worked as a reporter and anchor. Her salary was $2000 a year. Thoroughly, she worked in KARE11, an NBC affiliate, Fox 5. In 2000, she got engaged with WABC as a reporter covering shooting, murders, and fire issues in the morning. After that, she began covering human interest stories lifestyle. In 2010, her report ‘small key store’ was awarded the Emmy Award. Well, this is her story about professional life but what about her personal life?

Glassberg mentioned that till 2000, she was not engaged or married, moreover, when she was working as a morning reporter for WABC, she barely got time to sleep. So it symbolizes that she did not have a boyfriend during that period of time because she was not able to manage time for dating and roaming around. But after featuring lifestyle, she went on long vacation where she enjoyed a lot but photo which are taken on vacation was single. On Woman around the Town interview, she said that she likes to keep her secret, moreover, while she was dating a gentleman and went to her first date, that guy didn't even know she was on television but later they sorted it out. Secret keeper Lauren never mentioned about her married life. Evan after welcoming the first baby boy, there, still, was not a word about her husband. So, did she face divorce or has she been keeping her husband far from the media?


American journalist Lauren Glassberg was born on June 2, 1971. From the Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, she graduated. During her early age, she wanted to become a TV journalist. She welcomed her son, Beau Hudson, on 16 November 2013, and now she lives with her son in Manhattan.