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Home Gossip "Bring Me the Horizon's" Lead Vocalist Oliver Sykes' Earning From his Profession and Net Worth He has Achieved

"Bring Me the Horizon's" Lead Vocalist Oliver Sykes' Earning From his Profession and Net Worth He has Achieved

Blueprince Wed Sep, 2018

Oliver Sykes is an English born singer, and songwriter, famously known for being the lead vocalist and the frontman for the alternative metal band Bring Me the Horizon.

Apart from being the vocalist for Bring Me the Horizon, he is also an entrepreneur who owns his own clothing brand called the Drop Dead Clothing and has also created a graphic novel. The article deals with the lead vocalist's earnings and net worth he has achieved from his multitude of professions.

Oliver Sykes' Net Worth: $2 million

As of 2018, Oliver Sykes is said to have a net worth of $2 million. The lead vocalist has amassed his money from his record sale, tours, and concerts and from his own personal business ventures.

CAPTION: "Bring Me the Horizon's" Lead Vocalist, Oliver Sykes
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Currently 31 years of age, he is likely to have a subsequent increase in his net worth in the upcoming future.


Bring Me the Horizon have released a total of five studio albums, which have made a huge impact in the Billboard 100. Some of the band's album earnings are given below:

  • There Is a Hell, Believe Me, I've Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let's Keep It a Secret. (2010) - $80,000
  • Sempiternal (2013) - $645,000
  • That's the Spirit (2015) - $265,000

The other two albums were also quite successful in the market. The 2011 album Suicide Season was certified gold and sold about 75,000 copies.

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Although Oliver Sykes's salary from these albums has not been disclosed, being the lead vocalist for the band, he is sure to have received a sizeable cut from all the band's work, which now can be seen in his current net worth.

CAPTION: Bring Me the Horizon's album cover Suicide Season
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Back in 2013, Oliver Sykes also started a Kickstarter project to fund his novel Raised by Raptors. The project was destined to raise $19,000 but instead, it achieved a final amount of $50,000.

Oliver Sykes' Profession

The lead vocalist Oliver Sykes for Bring Me the Horizon started his musical career in 2003 when he was still at high school. Oliver Sykes complied CDs and a few short songs under Quakebeat.

Oliver was also performing in several other bands, like Womb 2 Da Tomb, a hip-hop group, along with his future to be a Bring Me The Horizon member Matt Nicholls, and Purple Curto, a metal band.

CAPTION: Bring Me the Horizon band along with Lead Vocalist Oliver Sykes
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Together with Matt Nicholls, Lee Malia, and Jordan Fish, he founded the band Bring Me the Horizon, in 2004.

Oliver Sykes has worked with many famous musicians like Charlie Puth, Brendon Urie, Stormzy, who is in relation with Maya Jama and many others.

CAPTION: "Bring Me the Horizon's" Lead Vocalist Oliver Sykes' Raised by Raptors
SOURCE: Kickstarter

Apart from his contribution to music, Oliver Sykes is also the owner and founder of Drop Dead Clothing company and has created his own graphic novel titled Raised by Raptors, along with artist Ashton Bell.