Virginia McKenna GrandDaughter's Lily Travers: Know about her Affairs and Dating Rumors

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Actress Lily Travers gorgeous eyes, distinctive cheekbones, and the prominent smile makes her resemble a lot to her grandmother Virginia McKenna. The similarity is so real that sometimes people get confused whether it is the Born Free’s African lioness star, McKenna.

The comparison doesn’t seem to end anytime soon as Lily is actively pursuing her acting career. She has already worked with some top level actors including Sir Michael Caine, Colin Firth and Samuel L. Jackson. Yet Lily’s love life appears to be quite inactive. Let’s find out more about her affairs and dating stories:

Lily Travers feels proud when compared with her grandmother Virginia McKenna

When Lily is compared to her grandmother, she really feels proud about it. She takes McKenna as her idol and has been inspired by her to a large extent. Lily admits that even if she achieves only a small part of McKenna’s success, she’ll be content with it.

Lily Travers

Lily Travers

Source: Zim bio

She says:

‘People tell me I look like my granny – and I’m proud of that. She is the person who more than any other has inspired me. If I can achieve some of her success, I will be more than satisfied.’

Lily Travers with grandmother Virginia McKenna

Lily Travers with grandmother Virginia McKenna

Source: Zim bio

Lily’s granny taught her so much about being a better person, and she feels grateful to learn from her experiences. Lily also feels proud of her grandmother who uses her fame for the betterment of the lives of animals.

McKenna has not only instilled the passion for all creatures not only on her but also on the rest of the family.

Lily Travers rising career

Lily’s career is growing steadily. We believe that the 26-year-old will become a superstar soon as she has the hand of her grandmother upon her.

Lily Travers Premiere Interview - Viceroy's House:

Recently, she appeared as Lady Pamela Mountbatten in 2017 drama movie 'Viceroy's House.'

Lily Travers boyfriends and affairs

Till date, Lily Travers’ name hasn’t been attached to any man. There are no any past records of Traver’s love affairs and boyfriends as well. Maybe she had a few flings before stepping in Hollywood and don’t want them to reveal to the public.

Lily Travers

Lily Travers

Source: Tatler

We have seen how the tinsel town joins and departs hearts; we are pretty sure Lily will find someone really soon. However, we cannot confirm if that love will last long.

For now, Lily is all focused on her career and its upliftment. We agree that being compared to Virginia McKenna is a huge compliment, but having own distinctive identity is quite important as well.

We will have the updates here in Frostsnow about Lily's achievements. Stay in touch.