Vinnie Tortorich and Serena Scott Thomas are in relation since 2007. Is the Couple Married?

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Serena Harriet Scott Thomas is an English actress who is best known for portraying a role in the 1999 James Bond film The World Is Not Enough. Vinnie Tortorich is an author, radio and podcast host, fitness trainer, model, and international motivational speaker.

Serena Scott was in a love affair with Vinnie. Their love story is although a mystery to the world. Let's find out the detail information about the couple's love life here in Frostnow!

Serena was married to Scott J. Tepper

Before Vinnie came into Serena's life, she was married to a man named Scott J. Tepper. A New York born and raised Scott is a lawyer.


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The couple's love affair started in 1995, and they dated for a whole one year before tying the knot.

The one-year love relationship was enough for them to understand each other as they got married and made their relationship official on 22nd November 1996.

The couple then became a proud parent of a beautiful daughter named Tallulah Rose Tepper. She is now 20 years of age.


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The couple's married life was going smoothly for seven years, and then the news flash came on the media about their divorce. This story took all by surprise.

The news was entirely real, and unfortunately, Serena and her husband got separated on 11 August 2001.

As love finds it's way, love again came into Serena's way, and she was again in love. After six years, Serena again fell in love with a celebrity. 

Let's know about the guy and their love story.

Serena Scott is in a relationship with Vinnie Tortorich

Who did she find after six years? Her new boyfriend is of her genre. He is none other than a hot celebrity fitness expert, best-selling author of "Fitness Confidential" as well as a model, Vinne Tortorich.

What could Serena ask for more? She believes he is the perfect match for her. According to the reports, the couple began dating since 2007, six years after Serena split from her husband, Scott.

Serena Scott is in a relationship with Vinnie Tortorich

 Serena Scott is in a relationship with Vinnie Tortorich

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Serena and Vinnie both are famous celebrities who keep their personal life a mystery. They share openly about their professional career to the media but when it comes to their private life, they tend to stay secretive.

But what we have found is the couple is often spotted together in parties and public places which are the signs that their relationship is going smoothly even though they do not directly report to the media.

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The lovebirds are still together, and their love relationship is going quite strong. Vinnie has no past records regarding his love life. It seems Serena is his first love. Aww!

Hope Serena and Tortorich go a long way with their love affair! For more updates keep in touch with Frostsnow.