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Home Gossip Into The Life Of Tia Torres: Her Professional Endeavors, Earnings, and Net Worth

Into The Life Of Tia Torres: Her Professional Endeavors, Earnings, and Net Worth

Kurt Mon Jun, 2018
Into The Life Of Tia Torres: Her Professional Endeavors,  Earnings, and Net Worth

If you are an animal lover and have come across the show Pit Bulls & Parolees then you should be familiar with Tia Torres. She is the television personality and reality star of the show but she is better defined as an animal lover. She is the founder of Villalobos Rescue Center which is famous for giving shelter to pit bull. She is also the person responsible for the most successful Pit Bull rescue in the US.

Tia's show is a success and her rescue center is as well, but it has not always been easy for Tia. Find out about her road to success and her net worth.  

Founder Of Villalobos; Tia's Career

Tia grew up under the care of her stepmother. She and her stepmother both shared fondness for animals and they used to adopt dogs and stray cats from her neighborhood. From a young age, she was an avid enthusiast in animal welfare and her stepmother had similar feelings for animals as well. At the age of 17, Tia left her home to help stray and endangered animals.

Tia's life was not easy after she left home and she had to struggle to keep a place and keep her entourage of animals she had rescued. At times, she found herself to be homeless and living in her van. She got involved in a bad circle becoming a member of a suit-wearing gang.

Tia managed to leave that life behind and trained to become a truck driver in the U.S. Army. After completing her service in the army, she accepted the job of a youth gang counselor.

CAPTION: Tia Torres Playing With a Dog
SOURCE: kougarmagazine

Tia's love for animal came around in a full circle when she had a fated meeting with Tatanka, a pit bull, during her visit to a Los Angeles Animal Shelter with her daughters. The scary looking dog was playing with her daughter and bringing happiness to them. It made her adopt the dog. This meeting eventually led to the establishment of the Villalobos Rescue Center for stray and abused dogs.

Tia's goodwill did not limit to rescuing the animals but the misguided humans as well. She helped to take on parolees to do community service and helped to get them on the right track.

She would also be the savior of the lost souls amongst the lives of animals that she saved. Her story and heroism caught the eyes of magazines and reality TV producers.

CAPTION: Tia Onstage With Earl Moffett
SOURCE: imdb

Tia had declined to work on reality shows at first as she wanted to keep her life private. However, diminishing donations and bearing the responsibility of looking after rescued animals, social misfits and her own family, she had to give in and hence Pit Bulls & Parolees began airing.

The show has been successful and most importantly been a huge help to keep her rescue center running.

Net Worth of The Rescuer Tia Torres

Tia, being the star of one of the successful show Pitbull & Parolees, has an estimated net worth of $300,000. She has gained much fame through her show and has been a guest on Ellen Degeneres show. 

In the past, Tia had to use up all her savings to keep her rescue center running with her having to overdraw from her bank account as well. There have been many points in her life where she has been broke and homeless especially during her younger years.

CAPTION: Tia In The Ellen DeGeneres Show
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Now, the animal lover lives a better life and tries to rescue and give dogs a better environment. She is sure to touch better heights in the future. We wish her all the best.