Veronica Portillo and Rachel Robinson Secretly Dated for three Years,Know about their Relationship

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40-year-old MTV’s Real World/Road Rules Challenge, which also features David Giuntoli, winner for three times, Veronica Portillo thrilled viewers of MTV series by coming back to its 30th season. What may be the reason for Veronica's re-arrival for the Challenge: XXX after seven long years? Wanna know?  

Well, we know whom should Veronica thank for her return in the reality show Challange: XXX. Hey, people, now stop being too curious and know that the reason behind Veronica Portillo's return to show is nothing other than her rumored girlfriend Rachel Robinson. Turns out Veronica belongs to similar, if not exactly same, category as celebrities Michelle Rodriguez and Cara Delevingne.

Rachel Robinson and Veronica Portillo were having an affair and in a relationship

Rachel Robinson and Veronica love mystery are revealed now.

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To know why Rachel Robinson is the reason behind Veronica re-arrival in the 30th season of the Challenge: XXX, scroll down.

Mystery behind Rachel Robinson and Veronica Portillo relationship: Affair, marriage, split, lesbian ex-girlfriend

 In the set of the Challenge: XXX the heart-throbbing secret of Veronica and Rachel's personal life has been revealed. The particular secret was revealed by Rachel's former girlfriend Aneesa Ferreira and another contestant on the very reality show.  What might be the secret that created a blast in the entire show?

Rachel Robinson's ex Aneesa Ferreira revealed Rachel's love affair with Veranico

Rachel Robinson's ex Aneesa Ferreira revealed Rachel's love affair with Veronica Portillo


On a recent episode of The Challenge: XXX,  ex-girlfriend of Rachel and another one of the Challenge vets revealed the secret that Veronica and Rachel kept it within themselves for a long time.

The secret was about the love affair that took place between Veronica and Rachel after Rachel had broken up with Aneesa Ferreira. Aneesa appreciated the beauty of Veronica admitting that Rachel is her ex-girlfriend who is also supposed to be Veronica's former girlfriend.

See what  Aneesa had to say to Veronica in her own words,

"You are so f--king beautiful, Veronica. I'd f--k you.

Aneesa added more, and suddenly revealed the secret that was hidden from everyone except Aneesa, Rachel, and Veronica.

"That's what it really comes to. Her ex-girlfriend is my ex-girlfriend."

Aneesa then went on to explain that she and Rachel started dating each other after they met on season six but after their sad split her former girlfriend went on to date Veronica. What might be the reason that Aneesa revealed such a secret in front of the public? Does Aneesa still love Rachel?

Is Rachel still dating Veronica? Has she moved on? What about Rachel's pregnancy?

It is now known that the former challenge champ Rachel dated the gorgeous Veronica Portillo for three long years. However, after their breakup, both Rachel and Veronica have moved their separate ways. And while Veronica has fallen in love again, not much is known about Rachel's affairs and relationship. 

Rachel is expecting twins with Natalie Gee

Rachel is expecting twins with Natalie Gee

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Currently, Veronica Portillo is expecting twins with her partner Natalie Gee and is really excited to welcome her babies with her darling partner. For more updates, do not forget to visit Frostsnow.