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Home Gossip Vera Jimenez lives a very Low Profile: Know about Her Career. Is she Married?

Vera Jimenez lives a very Low Profile: Know about Her Career. Is she Married?

Dilip Adhikari Tue Feb, 2017
Vera Jimenez lives a very Low Profile: Know about Her Career. Is she Married?

Well, it’s time to know about Vera Jimenez’s personal life and career. If you are reading this then I am sure that you know about Vera Jimenez, but even if you don't then we have something great here to provide you with.

Anyways, some of the things we are going to tell you here are going to be new for those who know about her too. Firstly let’s know her and her achievements.

Vera Jimenez is a top-ranked meteorologist who works as a traffic reporter in KTLA 5 News. But she was not the women whom we know today. We will soon get to know how she became who she is. Before that, let’s see her achievements and her past.

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Career of Vera Jimenez

Vera Jimenez, born in Mexico moved to Southern California at the age of 3. She was at Bolsa Grande High School and went to Santa Ana Community College. After her college days, she attended Cal State Long Beach to graduate in Religious studies. It was because her family was religious and there was some influence on her too.

Vera Jimenez

Vera Jimenez

Source: Fickr

She started her career as an intern at KIK_FM in Orange and then was a producer in traffic for Shadow Broadcasting. But she gained a lot of experience while she was at KNX-AM. There she was an airborne traffic reporter. After working in the radios she finally got the chance to work in television at KABC-TV and then for KCBS-TV located in Los Angeles.

She got back to her studies of meteorology from Mississippi State when she was in KCBS-TV. From there she got her certificate. Until now she has two Emmys, three Golden Mikes, and three Golden Pylons.

Vera Jimenez’s low profile life

You will be amazed to know that, Vera Jimenez being so talented and hardworking who came from radio to television is a very silent person. She is an animal lover and always keeps saying that she wants to do something for the animals.

She enjoys quality time with her pet animals and says she is not yet ready to get into any relationship for some years as she doesn't feel the need of a partner right now. She has never revealed her personal life to the world.

Vera Jimenez

Source: Blog Spot

When her fans and followers requested her, she has now decided to be more open to the world and keep her fans and followers updated about herself and her life as she is now available on Instagram and Twitter.

Vera Jimenez keeping her promise.

Although she doesn't speak about her love relationships, we are sure that she is single. A very beautiful, talented and successful lady Vera should be every guy's dream but then why is she single? This is the question that you might be wondering. You have a very simple answer, it is because she is trying to manage her family and her professional life.

As I mentioned earlier, Vera Jimenez is staying with her family so that is why she had managed to be smart enough to collect as much as she has right now. With her hard-earned net worth and salary, she has planned to gift her mother a new house.

She hasn't revealed about her salary till now, therefore her net worth and annual salary are still a mystery but you can surely guess that this successful reporter's salary to be around six figures annually. You can follow her on her Twitter.

We wish Vera all the best for her future endeavors. Best of luck!!