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Home Gossip Van Hansis on Orlando shooting incident: "You’ve got to stay angry and you’ve got to stay vigilant"

Van Hansis on Orlando shooting incident: "You’ve got to stay angry and you’ve got to stay vigilant"

Abhilasha Singh Limbu Tue Jul, 2016
Van Hansis on Orlando shooting incident:

American gay actor Van Hansis is recognized for his gay characters. Rising star in the world of LGBT. LGBT has just been recognized and still it has a long way to go. Being gay and proudly walking now has been much easier than it was before.

The LGBT star is tapering and has a charming face any girl can fall for him. Having all the qualities of attracting female proudly walks as gay which breaks the heart of girls.

       Descent  Van Hansis      

Four times Emmy nominee, Van claimed his fame from the series of As the World Turns. He played the role of Luke Snyder. The character shows him being involved in the romance with other male characters. These two were a first gay super couple in American soap Opera history. He was nominated for this role. His hard earned net worth isn’t known. But from his posts and movies and series he must have earned in millions.

Since then, he has got his outbreak as LGBT star. He is in a relationship with Tyler, his boyfriend. Both of them are supporters of the gay society. He and Tyler were joining the NYC pride weeks after the massacre inside of a gay night club which was in Orlando.


Hans shows his concern and anger when he says, “I think it’s really important to stay out there and keep fighting and to not let something like this terrible tragedy stop the celebration and the ownership of how far we’ve all come,’ he says. ‘It’s very telling that even though gay marriage passed across the country and things have changed so much for the positive, there’s still this underlying homophobia. You’ve got to stay angry, and you’ve got to stay vigilant. You have to ask for more than just moments of silence and prayers at times like this.”

He is one of the male characters who is seen serious towards his work. His personal detail’s such as height, weight, girlfriend,married, wife, and divorce aren’t disclosed in the media and he has kept his personal life away from media.


My littlest boo. What a wonderful girl she is,

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His fans have followed him on Twitter and Instagram as he has been using it often. It also seems he has a daughter. In Instagram, he has posted a babies picture which shows he has a daughter, but it isn’t yet disclosed to the media.