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Home Gossip Utah native Jenn Blosil wants to make a break in singing

Utah native Jenn Blosil wants to make a break in singing

Shristy Nepal Wed Mar, 2016
Utah native Jenn Blosil wants to make a break in singing

The top 14 contestant, Jenn Blosil of the popular TV show - American Idol Season 15 is one of the many singers with real talent. The talented singer mesmerized the audience on her every show with her crystal clear voice and has been able to win millions of hearts. The twenty three years old Utah native beauty is on the course of winning innumerable fans, followers and well-wishers. Not much information about her personal life is revealed. Jenn auditioned from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and its records has a large number of views on YouTube. The eccentric lady with a unique voice is often characterized as the next Sia as many of the fans confirm that her voice give them Sia’s vibes.

Standing tall and beautiful on the spotlight, the underwater singer has kept her private life sealed inside the closet. There is no information about any of her affairs nor any news of having a boyfriend. But as we analyse from the information, she might have never been married and with no marriage there in no divorce to talk about. But there is no doubt that many of her admirers wants to make her their future wife or girlfriend. She is not only successful to create a bunch of male admirers, female fans too are competing for her admiration. She is also an inspiration to many youths and even children as some of them consider her as an idol.

But after the elimination round for top 10 contestant, Jenn had to kiss goodbye to the American Idol’s stage. “Thank you for wanting to be a part of my life,” Blosil said in the video. “That means so much to me. The amount of support and kindness I’ve received really does mean so much. It’s been an incredible experience.” And after elimination, she has decided to take a little break form her singing career. But let’s hope, that all of her fans could listen her enchanting voice again.