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Home Gossip Unknown fact about Karan's life: Is Karan Ashley married?

Unknown fact about Karan's life: Is Karan Ashley married?

Richa Fri Mar, 2016
Unknown fact about Karan's life: Is Karan Ashley married?

Karan Ashley, born as Karan Ashley Jackson, is now 40 years old. The popular veteran American actress started her acting career professionally after graduating from university. According to Karan she was very shy in her childhood times and her interest was in music. But one of her friend suggested her that she was poor with her vocals and good in her acting therefore she moved on to acting as her professional interest. Karan was also planning to start her own business but this didn’t come to fulfilment and only remained as her dreams only. She was made out to be an actress.

Karan is a married lady and her affair lasted long term with her spouse Kimani Ballard as they got married in 22 March 2014. Karan has no definite proper inclination to divorce her husband and even there’s no any reasons for extra-marital affair besides relishing her married life. Karan is very positive minded, however, she is silent about her children. Karan is also good in dancing but it didn’t head towards a professional step in her life. She said she is made for acting and wants to dedicate herself into it. Karan is not lesbian.

Karan has never faced any trouble or got involved into the rumours regarding her personal and professional career. Karan’s social networking pages have also many fan following. Mostly, her recent pictures reflect that she is having an awesome holiday time with her husband. It seems she also enjoys parties and recently attended few of them. Her Instagram followers often follow her activities and she is busy with her free schedules too. One of her friend even said that she was in deep affair with a guy in college days but that it didn’t have a good ending. After that she was busy in her career but meeting with Kimani was indeed a good-luck from the very beginning.