Tyler Perry Pays Rent and Expenses for Tynesha Evans' 4 Children After Her Death

Updated On 21 Mar, 2019 Published On

Tyler Perry is doing all he can to help the Evans family! The actor, 49, stepped in to help four kids of Tynesha Evans, who was fatally shot by her boyfriend, Othniel Inniss, on Saturday, March 16, in Atlanta.

The victim's daughter Audrey Turner told a local news station that she got a call from Tyler and was surprised to hear how much the actor was willing to help.

She told the outlet,

It was a call I wasn’t even going to answer. I said, ‘Well, let me answer it to see who it is.’ I answered and the person on the other end said, ‘This is Tyler.’ I said, ‘Who?’ He said, ‘This is Tyler.’ I said, ‘Tyler who?’ and he said, ‘Tyler Perry.’ At that point, I just broke down crying

The filmmaker paid the rent of the house the family is living in so that they could continue to live in their house.

He has also volunteered to pay for their late mom's funeral in Atlanta; he will help to transport her body to her home state, Wisconsin, for another funeral.

Additionally, the actor has also promised Evans’ other daughter Sharadiant Turner, to pay tuition for her. Sharadiant is a freshman at Spelman College.

She told the news station.

I’m going to do what she wanted me to do. She started me on math and now I’m going to get to graduate with a mathematics degree from Spelman College without debt, it means everything.

Tyler, who was once listed as the highest paid man in entertainment, has an estimated net worth of $600 million.

Inniss, allegedly lured Tynesha, 45, to a Wells Fargo bank pretending of giving her money for rent but he shot her to death instead.

According to police, the suspect, 58, has been charged with murder and aggravated assault with a firearm. A GoFundMe has been created to help the family, which has already raised over $59,000.

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