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Home Gossip TV Personality Sophia Minnaert Financial Status: Her Net Worth and Career

TV Personality Sophia Minnaert Financial Status: Her Net Worth and Career

Bibs Wed Apr, 2018
TV Personality Sophia Minnaert Financial Status: Her Net Worth and Career

American TV personality Sophia Minnaert is a sports commentator who works for Fox Sports Wisconsin. Minnaert is enthusiastic about her job and is employed by Fox as a sideline reporter. Minnaert is the host for Milwaukee Brewers and Bucks telecasts.  Exceptionally talented, Sophia's finds herself at the top of her field due to her hard work and dedication.

She made headlines for being hit by a baseball while on air. Minnaert's success has been growing exponentially and has a good salary. Allow us to acquaint you with Sophia Minnaert's successful life.

Sophia Minnaert's Net Worth

At the moment, not much is known about the TV personalities' salary. Sources mention that Sophia Minnaert's pay is pretty healthy as she is seen reporting several games.

Her net worth hasn't been reported yet and there is no information about her assets. Her career as a sports reporter is still thriving.



No matter how much the TV personality, Sophia Minnaert is paid, it is evident that her bold personality in the field has made sports fans wanting her and only her to be reporting the matches they watch. 

Her Leap Into The Spotlight: Sophia Minnaert's Career

Sophia Minnaert has worked for PlayOn! Sports West on high school state championships for Fox Sports Wisconsin, Fox Sports Midwest, and CSN Chicago. She has also worked a featured reporter on Fox Sports Wisconsin's Prep Zone

During her time in FOX, the TV personality has worked with other renown names in the news industry like Bret BaierBill O'Reilly, and Chris Wallace.

A fluent Spanish speaker, Sophia Minnaert traveled with Fox Sports Wisconsin to the Dominican Republic in 2013 for the baseball series. This series got two regional Emmys for the Brewer's Academy and Twins Academy program. This was her first big breakthrough in her field as a sports commentator.

Caleb Gindl is doused with powder alongside Sophia Minnaert

Brewers Left Fielder Doused With Powder While Sophia Minnaert was reporting
Source: Pinterest

In the same year, the TV personality got hit by a baseball during a live broadcast during the Brewers game. The ball hit her microphone-holding hand but she pulled through it and kept on reporting. What a pro!

Sophia  Minnaert's career has been growing at an unprecedented rate.

Sophia Minnaert's Early Days

Born and raised in Madison, the capital city of Wisconsin, the TV personality graduated from Marquette University. She majored in Spanish language and literature and graduated in 2009 with honors.

She also holds a degree in journalism. As a student, she participated in the ESPN internship program at Bristol, Connecticut in 2008. 

Sophia Minnaert getting redy for the shoot

Sophia Minnaert Getting Ready For the Shoot 
Source: Alchetron

Sophia Minnaert first became interested in sports mainly because of her dad Al Minnaert was a football coach at a high school in her hometown. She claims that her life is like the daughter of the movie Remember The Titans.

Her dad would take her to basketball games and she was always around practices and games. Due to this, the TV  Sophia Minnaert got into sports early and this upbringing would later forge her career.

With years to come, there is likely to be a review on Sophia Minnaert's net worth. For further details, please visit regularly.

Quick Facts about Sophia Minnaert:

When did Sophia Minnaert start her professional career?

Sophia Minnaert started her professional career in the year 2010.

Where does Sophia Minnaert currently work?

Since 2018, Sophia Minnaert has been working as the content director for Milwaukee Brewers.