Tristan Thompson Still Spending Cash on Lani Blair; Stopped After He Got Fined By the NBA

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The Cleveland Cavaliers' Power Forward Tristan Thompson was still seen cashed out by Lani Blair until he was fined by the NBA officials. 

Tristan was, up to this time, spending lots of cash on Lani each month as reported by the In Touch Weekly. However, she has had a cut on the cash after the basketball player was hit with a fine by the NBA. 

According to a source, the pro basketball player meets up with Lani on the low even now and spends thousands of dollars per month for her clothes, hair, pedicures, and such other tasks. 

However, after Thompson was fined $25,000 by the NBA officials, Lani is on her own for the month. 

Tristan was fined after he shoved the basketball in Draymond Green's face. He was punished with a fine of a quarter of million dollars for his actions. 

Unfortunately, Lani feels that the player is taking out all of his frustration on her. 

Before his breakout onfield, Tristan was battling his way out of his cheating rumors against Khloe Kardashian during her pregnancy. 


We are ready whenever you are little mama

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The couple, Tristan and Khloe, is still trying to make everything work out between them and trying hard enough to continue their relationship. However, his spending habits will certainly make this more difficult.