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Home News Tribute to Late American Female Activist Aileen Hernandez In Women's Day 2017

Tribute to Late American Female Activist Aileen Hernandez In Women's Day 2017

Pramesh Baskota Wed Mar, 2017
Tribute to Late American Female Activist Aileen Hernandez In Women's Day  2017

African American woman in early 60's joined National commission For woman and as soon as she got to the power we saw some phenomenal changes in the constitution. She is among those fighters who established woman as the first class citizen enjoying all the rights of equality. We see leaders like Hillary Clinton running for the presidency which proves that women in America are treated equally now.  

Aileen Clarke Hernandez born on 23rd of May, 1926 in an African American family had to walk a hard path to freedom. She was discriminated for being an only Black family in the community she grew up in. But instead of surrendering to the situation she fought her way from Bay Ridge High School to Howard University. Which got her involved in anti-racism camps and she even founded African American Union Organization. 

Aileen Hernandez in her Youth


Back in 50's and 60's "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" was not for all. The slogan adopted by the great nation in 1776 was hardly practiced by Black communities and women society but the women like her raised their voice against it which has finally paid off. 

Accomplishments Of Aileen Hernandez

It is often said that Death can't take away any one's accomplishments. As Aileen Hernandez recently died on 13 Feb. in Irvine, California, we decided to dedicate this women's day to Aileen because of her continuous effort on Women's empowerment.

Talking about her contribution towards Women community, She became the second president of National Organization for Women in 1970. She ignited the fire of revolution on every American women's heart with her book “The Feminine Mystique”.

In 1970 she was the part of Now's leadership which marched around New York hailing in Women’s Strike for Equality. In 1971, she became a Chairperson of a committee which later founded National Women’s Political Caucus. 

True Hero And A Role Model to All Modern-day American Woman 

We are working alongside men now. We are equal in the eyes of law and take pride in our great nation. Any discrimination on the basis gender is a criminal offense as we are equal children of America. We as women are strong and confident which is the basic reason of our pride.

Aileen Hernandez 


“I believe very firmly that black women are like no other women in the world. And one of the things that makes us so different is that we have managed to survive in one of the most hostile worlds there ever was, and we survive in that world with the understanding that racism and sexism are rampant.”

But when Aileen Hernandez was named to the inaugural Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in 1965, she was the only woman in the commission which was established for women. She left the commission after working there for about 18 months due to the prevalent Gender bias in the organization. Was this the end of her struggle?

No! She fought her way to show what was going on back then. Pay grades inequality gender bias, racial discriminations were all overthrown one after another with the help of fearless heros like her. If the world is a safe place to live for women; it is all because of the ladies who saw, analyzed and segregated these things from the society.

The World is still separated in the name of gender and women in some parts of the world including Middle east Africa and some part of southern parts of Asia is still treated in an inhuman manner. The problems of Girl Trafficking, Sexual Harassment, and rapes horrifies us on daily basis and we still are nowhere near men when taken a broader consideration. Let this Women's Day bring together all women communities and ables us to see every woman equally.