Train Carrying Congress Members Hits Truck Leaving 1 Person Dead: Details

Updated On 01 Feb, 2018 Published On

A train carrying dozens of Congress' Republican members including House Speaker Paul Ryan, to their legislative retreat crashed into a large truck in Virginia leaving one person dead and several people injured on Wednesday, 31 January.

On Wednesday afternoon, President Donald Trump said that the person who was killed in the accident was the driver of the truck.

Six patients including one in critical condition were transported to UVA Medical Center. One of those six patients has been discharged while the remaining four were being evaluated.

As per the report, all Congress members on the train and their families were fine, with the exception of a few minor injuries.

An aide confirmed that Paul was OK.

Later, the Wisconsin Republican tweeted,

Today's incident was a terrible tragedy. We are grateful for the first responders who rushed to the scene and we pray for the victims and their families. May they all be in our thoughts right now.

Rep. Jason Lewis of Minnesota was taken to the hospital for a potential concussion.

Jason said,

I'm fine compared to tragically the truck driver and thankful for our first responders,

Jason' spokesman later said that he was discharged and resumed on to the GOP retreat.

In a statement, Amtrak that the train came into contact with a vehicle that was on the tracks at 11:20 a.m. ET in Crozet, Virginia.