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Top Ten vital reason for Hilary Clinton's loss in the U.S presidential election in 2016

Pratik Ghimire Sat Jan, 2017
Top Ten vital reason for Hilary Clinton's loss in the U.S presidential election in 2016

Hillary Clinton, the democratic politician from America, who also ran for the 2016 American Presidency is also one of the very well-known public figures in American History as she is married to the former president Bill Clinton. There are many speculations and theories as to why she didn't win the 2016 presidential election. However, we've addressed the top ten reasons for her loss in the presidential election held in 2016.

1.Hillary’s relationship with Bill Clinton.

 Hillary and Bill Clinton.

Caption:  Hillary and Bill Clinton during her electoral endorsement.


Having a husband who is an ex-President certainly would have had its perks while running for the presidency but not in the case of Hillary, as Bill wasn’t one of the brightest presidents to serve America. People had a bad time with Bill as the president and they still remember all the controversies that surrounded Bill. Not only that, she could have attacked Trump’s integrity with the controversial and extremely lewd conversation video about women, but she couldn’t as her husband had been accused of several sexual misconduct allegations.

2. Hillary’s non-involvement in twitter and social sites.

It is certain that Donald Trump was introduced to massive voters by all his tweets and interaction to public through social media, be it clean or controversial tweets. On the other hand, Hillary opted for good old methods for publicity which was apparently not so beneficial for her. This might as well be the very reason that she lost the election.

3. Not having a slogan.

trumps slogan


There is no denying that the billionaire businessman turned politician, Mr. Trump is a genius when it comes to marketing, which is also evident with his successful career in business. Trump's slogan “Make America Great Again” not only was catchy but it also covered the essence of being American. Mr. Trump’s Slogan alone certainly helped him acquire the votes of patriotic Americans. On the other hand, Hillary didn’t even have a slogan for her campaign. This certainly didn’t help her get more votes.

4. The Media’s Love for her.

Hillary was extensively praised for her electoral campaign by all media so much that many eyebrows were raised making people think that something wasn’t right. There is a huge dislike for media these days as it is seen that media can be brought by the elites and used for their benefits. This certainly had an adverse effect on her votes as people these days are more aware and aren’t brainwashed like they used to be.

5. She was heading to war with Russia.

Hillary and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Caption: Hillary and President of Russia Vladimir Putin.


She promised to announce Syria a no-fly zone in her campaign. Which if conducted, would have been a declaration of war against the Nuclear giant “Russia”. People were certainly scared of this nuclear outbreak which would have certainly progressed, had she won.

6. The resemblance to Obama.

Throughout the history of the American presidency, it can be seen that voters often choose their next president to be exactly opposite; same is the case that has occurred here. Obama and Hillary represent the same party i.e. “Democratic Party” and had Hillary won, the same party would have won the presidency three times in a row. It's human nature to be inquisitive, so were the voters and they wanted to experience a new leadership. History certainly favored for the now President Mr. Trump.

7. WikiLeaks.

Believe it or not, the website WikiLeaks has a share for the loss of Hillary Clinton’s presidency. Many controversial emails were brought into attention of public, along with Clintons link with ISIS. According to a tabloid, Hillary was backed up for her electoral campaign by Qatar and Saudi Arabia who are also accused of providing financial and logistical support to ISIS. This created a controversial buzz in the media affecting her career and votes.



8. Lack of trust from voters.

It is an obvious fact; to win any election a nominee should have more votes than his/her opponent and to gain majority votes one should certainly have more trustworthy personality, which Hillary certainly lacked. With all the controversies and questionable connections regarding her family charity, some American voters were certainly not confident about Clinton’s sincerity and thus, she lost some of her votes which in turn led her to lose the 2016 election.

9. Bad financial decisions and deals.

One of the most important reasons that she lost the 2016 election is because she was not able to convince people that the economy would grow and the wage of working class Americans would increase. During the presidency of Obama static wage level was certainly one of the problems. If she had addressed this issue in a proper manner she would have certainly secured more votes, which might have gotten her close to winning the election.


10. Vowed to appoint liberal Supreme Court judges.

Her decision to appoint liberal Supreme Court judges certainly threatened her voters of losing their rights as it would have lead to the liberal judges to form a majority, which in turn would’ve helped to weaken the constitution’s protection of civil liberties. This is certainly one of the reasons for her losing more votes.

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