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Published On Oct 01, 2015
Facts of Tom Kan
Birth Nation: Japan
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Tom Kan personal information like his love affairs, his girlfriend, and married life and about his children is unknown. It seems like he is not married yet and also does not have any children. Tom Kan began his career as a designer. And he went on to design various music videos. He has also played his part in several television commercials. He gained massive success through these and he also desired to play his part in movies. Till now, he has designed several movie concept and they are in The Matrix 2 and 3, Speed Racer and many more.


Tom Kan

Tom Kan facts on timeline

Designed in Speed Racer


Tom Kan commonly known by his first name Tom is a popular director from Japan. He has also established himself as a designer and photographer. Till now, he has designed several movie concepts and one of them is also in Speed Racer.

Designed in Enter the Void


He has been designing since his early days. Tom Kan began his career as a designer. In 2009, he also got a chance to design in Enter the Void, in this movie what he designed in the topographysical concept. He also won several awards from that.

Honored by the Art Directors Club of Paris


He has been nominated in lots of prestigious awards and has also won some of them. For his design work in Enter the Void, he received several honors. He was awarded with the Art Directors Club of Paris. He also received several honored from the magazines too.