Tom Franco's marriage lasts for only a short duration as his wife dies after just a month of wedding

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Not every love stories end in happiness, some love stories end just a few time to its start. This not only happens to an ordinary people but also to the celebrities that make both celebrities and their fans sad looking across.

Among many of those sad stories, Tom Franco’s love story also turned out to be a sad story of his love with his wife. Well, today, it's the story of Tom's love life we are going to discuss. Let's dive in!

Julia Lazar Married Life: Tragic Death of his Wife

Yes, Julia Lazar was his wife who was born in 1957, who lived till 2014. But due to the failure of her liver she died of liver cancer along with Hepatitis C. Further than this, she was even having little trouble with her kidney.

Tom Franco

Tom Franco

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It was just one month before they got married since they were in love. From a long time where they even worked together on few projects. Being the founder of Firehouse Art Collective, Tom gave all of his responsibilities to Julia.

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Tom Franco And his ex-wife Julia Lazar

Tom Franco And his ex-wife Julia Lazar

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They were married in hospital solarium, and now Tom is extremely sad with the loss of his wife and sad dimension of love. According to him, it was too early in her age to die. He was love with his wife from the early time and they were very comfortable working in films earning a good sum of net worth.

Tom Fransco and Julia Lazar

Tom Franco and Julia Lazar

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Tom's brother, who is also an actor, is undertaking the works assigned by him as he is not ready to work currently in any movies because of the loss of his wife, which he married just a month ago. Their fans are also sharing sad news among the social sites linking Tom and his wife, how perfect they were as a couple.

There is no any story of his new love or attachment with any girl, and even Tom is explaining he will never get married or get attached to any girls from now onwards. They were having a good planning to get a new apartment and shift with the new start of life.