Todd Rundgren new mix Dissed Donald Trump and Jesse Watters defends it in Watters’ World

Updated On 28 May, 2017 Published On

Time and again Barrack Obama was pointed as a person born outside of American soil, by Donald Trump and it was before he gave his nomination as a president-elect. Sounds as if the whole situation was pre-planned and at the same time it sounds supremely obscene.  

According to musician Todd Rundgren, it was a big conspiracy that Mr. Trump was plotting but yesterday, Jesse Watters said it was a good-natured rib, well they at the end agreed to disagree. 

The whole situation is arisen by Todd Rundgren's new show where he openly addressed Trump supporters not to come to his show if they can't handle criticisms on Trump.

Last night on Watters’ World, we saw Jesse bringing in Rockstar Todd Rundgren to discuss his new promotional video "Tin Foil Hat" and his open announcement to Trump supporters not to come to the show if they can't handle the criticism on their Republican president.

Todd Rundgren

Well, he was the original conspiracy theorist, wasn’t he?, He didn’t believe that [Barack] Obama was born in this country and he fomented that pretty much from the time the former president was elected.

Watters to that replied

I think he was just having a little fun at the president’s expense, don’t you think?

The conversation was really heated, and was at the same time very funny as that conversation included Todd and Jesse talking about a strange topic and Jesse should be given an award for the million dollar question he asked- He said is trump's Supporters money not money to you? That was one funny show and we hope to see some more of its kinds.