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Home Gossip How Is Tina Turner Relationship With Husband Erwin Bach? Do They Have Children? Her Past Affairs

How Is Tina Turner Relationship With Husband Erwin Bach? Do They Have Children? Her Past Affairs

Chandra Rana Thu Nov, 2018
How Is Tina Turner Relationship With Husband Erwin Bach? Do They Have Children? Her Past Affairs

Tina Turner, an American-born former Swish singer-songwriter, dancer, and actress, is also known as The Queen of Rock 'n' Roll. 78-year-old Turner, the former singer with Ike Turner's band Kings of Rhythmis married twice in her life and is the mother of 4 children, though her son Craig Turner died at the age of 59.

The winner of 12 Grammy Awards, Tina currently lives with her second husband Erwin Bach and enjoys a blissful married life, free from the mishaps of divorce. Well, Tina does have some scars of her failed relationship in the past. Want to know more about Tina Turner's married life, relationship, children and affairs? Stick tight to get the details.

Tina Turner's Married Life: Husband Erwin Bach and Their Children

Born as Anna Mae Bullock, Tina Turner was previously married to her first husband Ike Turner, her Kings of Rhythm band-mate. The former couple's devasted relationship left Tina Turner in trauma and her second husband Erwin Bach came as a savior.

Tina and Erwin met back in 1985 at a record label party in London and became friends. Following a year, the two began dating and tied the knot after 27-years of being in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship.

As reported, Tina and Erwin got married in a private ceremony at Lake Zurich in Kusnacht, Northern Switzerland in July 2013

CAPTION: Tina Turner and Erwin Bach at their wedding SOURCE: Daily Mail

Sources reported that following the secret marriage, the newly married couple celebrated the union at their Kusnacht manor with an intimate Buddhist ceremony attended by 120 guests.

As for a fact, Erwin Bach is a German music executive who is 16 years junior to Tina.

Even after these years, no mishaps have ever emerged in the couple's relationship. Tina lives in a lake house, Chateau Algonquin in Kusnacht, Switzerland, next to Zurich with Erwin.

The couple moved to Switzerland in 1994 for Bach's business. 

CAPTION: Tina Turner and her second husband Erwin Bach SOURCE: The Sun

She became a citizen of Switzerland and was issued a Swiss passport on April 22, 2013. She gave up her American citizenship at the U.S. embassy in Bern on October 24, 2013.

Well, probably, many of us are aware that Tina is the mother of 4 children (son Cragier died at the age of 59), but, she does not share any children with her second husband Erwin. 

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Tina Turner's Devasted Relationship With First Husband Ike Turner: Their Children

Tina Turner and Ike met while Tina (then known as Anna Mae) worked in the Kings of Rhythm but was dating the band's saxophonist, Raymond Hill. However, in 1958, after Hill and Tina broke up after sharing a son named Craig, Ike (now ex-husband) adopted her.

Initially, Tina and Ike identified their relationship as brother and sister, but their relationship turned sexual by 1959. Tina shared her biological child, son Ronald Renelle Turner with Ike, in 1960.

CAPTION: Tina Turner's son Ronald Turner SOURCE: Pinterest

As reported, in 1962, Tina and Ike Turner got married in Tijuana. Turner preferably added his last name legally as her and her son Craig's, from her previous relationship, surname.

Tina and Ike got married because Ike's former wife Lorraine Taylor was to file for divorce alimony.

Tina Divorced Ike Turner

After marriage, the problem had just started for Tina as Ike began abusing her physically. Sources say, after Tina complained of financial issues and asked to end their confusing relationship, Ike hit her in the head with a wooden shoe stretcher. 

In an interview with Spin, Ike said:

Yeah, I hit her, but I didn't hit her more than the average guy beats his wife... if she says I abused her, maybe I did.

After a final fight with Ike in Dallas, in early July 1976, Tina filed for divorce on July 27, 1976.

CAPTION: Tina Turner and Ike Turner SOURCE: Uproxx

The divorce was finalized in 1978 and in the settlement, Ike gave her share of their studio, publishing companies, four cars, and real estate; worth close to $500,000.

Tina Turner Raised Ike's Children

For a fact, Tina Turner is the mother of 2 biological children, though she also raised Ike's children with his former wife Lorraine Taylor: Ike Jr. (born on October 3, 1958) and Michael (born in 1960).

Reportedly, Tina became a mother for the first time to her son Raymond Craig Turner, born on August 29, 1958, when she was 18. The father of the child was Kings of Rhythm saxophonist Raymond Hill.

Unfortunately, her son Craig died on July 19, 2018, at the age of 59, with a self-inflicted gunshot wound, as reported by the Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner office.

Tina's another biological son Ronald Renelle Turner, born on October 27, 1960, was from her relationship with first husband Ike Turner. 

Ronald has worked with both of his parents as an adult and was married to the French-American singer Afida Turner from 2007 to 2017. He has 2 children and 2 grandchildren.

Let's get a glimpse of Tina Tuner's past affair as well.

Affairs of Tina Before Marriage

While in high school, Tina first fell in love with Harry Taylor. The former duo met at a school basketball game and hooked up for a year. However, after Tina found out that Harry married another girl he was dating and were expecting a child, they broke up.

Then, following her move to St. Louis, Tina (also known as Anna Mae) acquainted with members of the Kings of Rhythm, she began an affair with band's saxophonist, Raymond Hill. At the age of 18, Tina got pregnant with Hill's son Craig whom she gave birth in 1958

Later, the relationship of Raymond Hill and Tina somersaulted resulting in the entry of former husband Ike Turner. 

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Well, currently Tina is happy with her second husband and is living a blissful life. We wish her best for further.