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Home Gossip Tim Hasselbeck and his wife Elisabeth Hasselbeck married for nearly 15 years without divorce rumors

Tim Hasselbeck and his wife Elisabeth Hasselbeck married for nearly 15 years without divorce rumors

Ashmita Karki Sun Oct, 2016
Tim Hasselbeck and his wife Elisabeth Hasselbeck married for nearly 15 years without divorce rumors

ESPN analyst Tim Hasselbeck, who formerly played American football as a quarterback for 7 seasons is blessed with a happy married life. 40-year-old Tim is married to his longtime girlfriend Elisabeth Hasselbeck (nee Filarski) for over 16 years.

The college time lovers are now the parents of their 3 children: 2 daughters and a son. So, how is their relationship going? Curious about their datings, children, and affairs? Do scroll down slowly.

Tim Hasselbeck and Elisabeth Hasselbeck Dated Since College Days

Tim and Elisabeth first met when they both attended Boston College. The couple started dating since then and even after graduation, they remained together eventually leading to the destination of the holy knot.

While Elisabeth graduated in 2001, Tim Hasselbeck tried his luck in American football as a quarter and despite being undrafted in 2001, later in 2002, he got to play in the Philadelphia Eagles.

Image: Tim Hasselbeck and Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Well, the relationship between the couple was never hidden and never became weak though they couldn't see each other regularly.

Their intimate love later took a big leap towards the marriage. Here are the details.

Tim Hasselbeck and Elisabeth Hasselbeck Got Married: Their Children

After dating for a few years, Tim and Elisabeth, both successful professionally, got married. They tied the knot in a private ceremony on July 6, 2002.

Reportedly, the couple's wedding took place in Elisabeth’s hometown and there were 200 guests who attended the beautiful ceremony.


Image: Elisabeth Hasselbeck in her wedding dress during her wedding

Many of us might not know, but Elisabeth was a Survivor contestant in 2001 and was a co-host on the ABC talk show The View from 2003 to July 2013. While her husband, Tim played as quarterback for New York Giants, Washington Redskins, Philadelphia Eagles, and Buffalo Bills.

Even after 12 years of marriage, the couple is still together and shares 3 children together. Regarding their past relationship, both are free from the records of affairs and are not linked with anyone.

Children of Tim and Elisabeth

Tim and Elisabeth welcomed their first child, daughter Grace Elisabeth in April 2005. The couple then became parents to their 2 sons: Taylor Thomas (born in November 2007) and Isaiah Timothy (born in August 2009).

CAPTION: Tim Hasselbeck's wife Elisabeth with their 3 children Source: Daily Mail

Elisabeth who joined Fox News, replacing Gretchen Carlson on the talk show Fox and Friends in September 2013, left the show on December 22, 2015, in order to spend more time with her family.

Tim Hasselbeck and Elisabeth Hasselbeck Divorce Rumors?

Tim and Elisabeth are a match made in heaven. It has already been 16 years of their togetherness as a husband and wife, but still, they look like young lovers in love.

Elisabeth has never been involved in any kind of extra-marital affair as she has never cheated her husband. Similarly, Tim has also never had any girlfriend or affair. Till date, there is no rumor of divorce between this amazing couple.


Image: Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Tim Hasselbeck

Probably, the couple may have gone through ups and downs in their relationship, however, no mishaps have ever been able to break the strong bond of this couple. 

It's obvious that the celebrities go around the rumors, but this lovely couple has shot every rumors and mishap in their relationship.

We wish them best for further.

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