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Facts of Tim Burton
Date of Birth: 1958 , August-23
Birth Nation: United States
Height: 5 Feet 11 Inch
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Writer, director, and producer of the romantic dark fantasy film Edward Scissorhands, Tim Burton is also famous in the world for being the producer of the movie, Beetlejuice. He is also known as an artist and animator.

Tim Burton's Early Life

Tim Burton was born Timothy Walter Burton on August 25, 1958, and is currently 60 years old. He was born in Burbank, California, the United States of America to mother Jean Burton (née Erickson) and father Bill Burton.  Tim was raised in the middle-class family. He is of American nationality and belongs to the white ethnicity.

Tim Burton's Career

Talented in making short films since his childhood days, Tim was not the good at his studies though. However, he was able to complete his high school education, and he finally graduated from Burbank High School.

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While he was in his high school days, he shot several short movies like Stalk of the Celery Monster and King and Octopus. These movies made an impact in the Walt Disney Productions' animation department, and Tim was offered the animator's apprenticeship in their studio.

His first movie was 1978 The Lord of the Rings where he worked as an artist in this movie. He rose to prominence 1988 after filming Beetlejuice.

Till the date, Tim has worked for several films like Alice in Wonderland, Big Eyes, Dumbo, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, The Killers, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Sleepy Hollow, Batman Forever, and many others.

Tim Burton's Net Worth

As of early 2019, Tim Burton's net worth is reported to be around $140 million that he might have collected from his directing and producing career. Back in 2010, he collected annual earnings of $53 million.

Tim Burton's Personal Life

On 24th of February 1989, Tim got married to wife Lena Gieseke. Lena Gieseke was born in Germany, and she is an artist by profession. After years of married life, they got divorced on the 31st of December 1991.

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From 1992, Tim began his romantic love affairs with American actress and model, Lisa Marie. She also appeared in several movies directed by him. They broke up in 2001.

A few months later in after he broke up with Lisa Marie; he began dating English actress, Helena Bonham Carter. They also welcomed two children together. At the end of 2014, news about their amicable separation became public.

Now, after breaking up with Carter, he is reported to be dating a new mysterious girlfriend.

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Tim Burton facts on timeline

Born in Burbank, California

August 25 , 1958

Born as Timothy Walter Burton in Burbank, California, United States of America to Jean Burton (née Erickson) and Bill Burton, Tim was raised in the middle class family. He is an American and is of white ethnicity.

Made The Island of Doctor Agor


His interest in directing and producing movies was since he was child. When he was just a small child, he also shoots several short films in his backyard on Evergreen Street. Finally at the age of thirteen, he made The Island of Doctor Agor. 

Joined Walt Disney Productions' animation department


Though Tim was not the good at his studies, he was talented in making short films since his childhood days. While he was in his high school days, he shoots several short movies like Stalk of the Celery Monster and King and Octopus. These movies made an impact in the Walt Disney Productions' animation department and Tim was offered the animator's apprenticeship in their studio. 

First short movie, Vincent


After joining Walt Disney Productions' animation department in an animator's apprenticeship in their studio, he began working as an animator, storyboard artist and concept artist. Finally in 1982, he made his first professional short movie, Vincent as a production designer. 

Directed Beetlejuice


After directing Pee-wee's Big Adventure in 1985, Pee-wee's Big Adventure earned the box office earning of $40 million which was five times more than its budget. In 1988, he directed and produced the movie, Beetlejuice and that was the beginning of his domination in the film industry. 

Married to Lena Gieseke

February 24 , 1989

He has been married only once in his life and that was a long time before. He got married for the first time in his life on 24th of February 1989 and that was with Lena Gieseke.  Lena Gieseke was born in Germany and she is an artist by profession. 

Divorced with Lena Gieseke

December 31 , 1991

His a year of love life and three years of married life with an artist, Lena Gieseke finally came to an end in 1991. They dissolved their married life on 31st of December 1991 and the reason for that were his extra affairs. 

Began dating Lisa Marie


Few days later after his first married life was dissolved in 1991, he was seen with Lisa Marie. It seems like his extra affairs with her was the main reason that dissolved his first married life. He began dating her since the start of 1992. 

Broke up with Lisa Marie


His decade of love life with Lisa Marie also had the sad ending in 2001.  Lisa Marie is also one of the famous actress and model in United States. She has also appeared several movies directed by him. They broke up in 2001.

Began dating Helena Bonham Carter


Few months later after his a decade of love life with Lisa Marie came to an end, he began dating, Helena Bonham Carter. Helena Bonham Carter is also the famous English actress. It is also said that they met each other for the first time while filming Planet of the Apes.

First child, Billy Raymond Burton

October 4 , 2003

Child actor, Billy Raymond Burton who is popular for his role in the movie, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is his first child with Helena Bonham Carter. Tim and Helena welcomed their first child together on 4th of October 2003. 

Second child, Nell Burton

December 15 , 2007

He became father for the second time in his life in 2007. He and his ex partner, Helena Bonham Carter announced that they were expecting their second child together in mid 2007 and they finally welcomed it on 15th of December and it was a baby girl. 

Broke up with Helena Bonham Carter


Though news about their feud and separation was found several times the official news from them was never heard till the start of 2014. However, at the end of 2014, Carter's agent declared their amicable separation. 

Won Annie Awards


In 1996, he got his first nomination in Annie Awards. That year, he got his nomination in this award for Best Individual Achievement: Producing. However, it was only in 2010, he was honored with this award. 

Won Hugo Awards


He has been nominated in Hugo Awards for six different times and out of those six nominations he has been honored only once. His first nomination in this award was in 1989 and his first win came only in 1991 for Best Dramatic Presentation. 

Net Worth


As of early 2019, Tim Burton's net worth is reported to be around $140 million.