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Home Gossip Tilda Swinton is in Relationship with Sandro Kopp,Know about their Affairs and Children

Tilda Swinton is in Relationship with Sandro Kopp,Know about their Affairs and Children

Himadri Hamal Thu Jul, 2017
Tilda Swinton is in Relationship with Sandro Kopp,Know about their Affairs and Children

Oscar winner Tilda Swinton, the very talented British actress is no more a better half of well-recognized writer John Byrne. However, she is recently in a relationship with the man who doesn't belong to the movie industry. You know who her new boyfriend is? He is none other than Sandro Koop. He is a German national and an artist by profession. 

The couple is often spotted catching their hands on the public and recently the lovely couple seemed closer than ever as they took a stroll holding hands in New York. 

Tilda Swinton and her younger bae

Tilda Swinton and Sandro Koop holding hands 

Source: Dailymail

Today, we have a beautiful story of Tilda and her new beau Sandro Kopp. Let's dive in to know their married life and children.

Actress Tilda Swinton and her new beau: Sandro Koop

London's captivating actress Tilda Swinton is recently in a relationship with very hot artist Sandro Koop who is more than twenty years younger than her. Well, making younger boyfriend has become a trend now.

Koop with his girlfriend Tilda; Koop looks amazing with that orange bag, doesn't he?

Koop with his girlfriend Tilda; Koop looks amazing with that orange bag, doesn't he?

Source: Dailymail

Sandro met Tilda for the first time on a set of a movie where Sandro was playing a role of centaur on the Chronicles of Narnia while Tilda played the role of the White Witch.

After their meeting, both the unevenly aged couple became more familiar with each other and even were spotted by media together outside a gym in Los Angeles. And now, both the couple are residing happily in Nairn along with their twins Xavier and Honor together at their whitewashed home.

What made Tilda fall for Koop? Is the reason only about Koop's personality or something else??

Tilda took Koop whenever and wherever she traveled since the time she played alongside him on The Chronicles Of Narnia. That might be the reason behind her falling for Koop.

Koop, the circulared one is  the man with whom Tilda shares  every details of her life

Koop, the circularized one is the man with whom Tilda shares every detail of her life.

source: Dailymail 

Koop being a painter by profession has painted Tilda for more than once, and seems quite devoted to this extraordinary and highly intelligent woman. Both the lovely couple goes together in ceremonies where Koop always sits next to Tilda. Turns out to Koop is a lucky charm for Tilda.

Tilda lives together in the same house with her former partner along with her twins and Koop: Isn't this surprising?

Recently it is revealed that Swinton, Kopp, and Byrne, who is the father of twins, Xavier and Honor - all live in the same house together in Nairn, Scotland. This is quite surprising but still, it happened because Tilda believes that Byrne is an "exceptional" father and that they remain fully committed to raising them both.

Byrne and his eternal connection with his twins: Love of Daddy you know!

Tilda's ex-husband Byrne truly loves his twins and cannot imagine a single day without missing them.

In Byrne's words,

We love our children and our children love us.


Byrne loves his children more than his wife, although they are no more living in a healthy relationship, just because of their babies, they are staying together.

However, it seems like Byrne does not try too hard to make sense of what is going on in their present relationship status, but just holds on to the idea that they have always been the best of close friends and will further continue the same.

Tilda really loves spending time with her family, Especially with her twins

Tilda believes that her private life is more defined by her children than her partners. She enjoys her motherhood to the fullest and claims that her motherhood phase has changed her utterly. Tilda loves spending time with her children and does not regret all of her efforts she makes to see their happy faces.

Tilda with her twins

Tilda with her twins

Source : Moviepiolet

Tilda keeps on rocking with her children and sweetheart most probably on the kitchen, that's what makes her time the best time, she says.

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