The War of Words, Pete Buttigieg's Recent Criticism Against Hillary Clinton's 2016 Campaign Receives a Counter-attack

Updated On 31 Mar, 2019 Published On

Criticism for Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign still holds a place in the heads of political counterparts in the American political scenario. In fact, a few months back, in January, it was South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg who came up with comments, absurd for Hillary Clinton and her defenders, against Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign.

In an interview for the January edition of The Washington Post Magazine, Buttigieg said,  

Donald Trump got elected because, in his twisted way, he pointed out the huge troubles in our economy and our democracy. At least he didn't go around saying that America was already great, like Hillary did."

Well, with a comment hard to not react, Clinton's adviser and spokesman Nick Merrill came up with a full force to confront, remaining as stern an assertive in a posted message on Twitter.

For and against Donald Trump, the political war in the United States has continued for a considerable span and not to mention, the political scene has always been corrupt with cynicism, greed, and distrust. 

In such a premise, Buttigieg, who has already formed a presidential exploratory committee and seems to be curating thing for the upcoming 2020 election may be looked upon cynically, but the 37 years old does not seem to stop speaking in support to Trump.  

Recently, in an interview with "The Breakfast Club", Buttigieg, who identifies himself as gay, said.

We spent, I think, way too much time on our side talking about him. Our whole message was don't vote for him because he is terrible. And even because he is, that is not a message.

In response to Buttigieg, the former advance staffer for Clinton, Grady Keefe too came up to condemn Buttigieg. He said,

It is unfortunate when people as smart as @PeteButtigieg engage in this fantasy fiction about 2016. And as a gay American it is disappointing because @HillaryClinton ran a campaign which amongst its many values championed our community."

Though Buttigieg's spokesperson did not choose to make further comment on Keefe's response, Buttigieg, in another interview with CNN spoke broadly about how it is as a small town mayor and also kept his views on why voters turned out for Trump in 2016.

As per he claims, there is a sense hostility in the American economic and political system and that is what had voters opt to vote Trump.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not making any excuse for some of the explicit appeals to racism that were made and, in some cases, worked," he continued. "But at the same time, we've also got to recognize that if we come off -- if (Trump's) saying the system is rigged, and the way he's saying it is twisted and not really true, but there's a kernel of truth in there -- and we look like we're the ones saying, oh no, the system is perfectly fine -- then we've got a problem

Well, the war does not seem to stop any time soon, but all we can do is wait and see if it turns out to be any nastier.