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Home News On of The Victims During Nipsey Hussle Attack Speaks For The First Time

On of The Victims During Nipsey Hussle Attack Speaks For The First Time

Mahammad Arsad shekh Fri Apr, 2019
On of The Victims During Nipsey Hussle Attack Speaks For The First Time

2019 suffered a great loss following the death of Grammy-nominated rapper Nipsey Hussle. And one of the victims Kerry Lathan, who was also shot and arrested afterward following the attack, has finally spoken for the first time.

Well, Kerry, who was shot in his back in the fatal incident alongside one other victim outside Hussle’s Marathon Clothing Company store in Los Angeles on March 31, KCAL 9 reports, is now bound to a wheelchair.  

Kerry CAPTION: Kerry Lathan is bound to wheel chair after being shot during the Nipsey Hussle attack SOURCE: US Magazine

Talking of Kerry's medical stability, the doctor has reported that the bullet is still stuck in his back and that he might have to be in the wheelchair if things go wrong when trying to remove the bullet.

Talking of his current situation, Kerry told KCAL,

I have a bullet in my back. Fragment in it broke off near my spine. They say if we take it out, there’s a possibility you could be paralyzed,

Lathan, who was arrested shortly after the incident, had to reportedly spend a major period of his recovery time behind the bars, all because he was with Hussle on that day which was a violation of his parole.

The 56 years olf was on parole for 7 months after serving a prison sentence for almost 25 years in the charge of murder. 

As per the report, Hussle had contacts with gangs and Lathan's parole restricted him to be around any gang members. However, Lathan later said that the rapper was an anti-crime advocate and that he was just trying to buy him some new clothes on the day of the incident.

In his recent statement, Lathan said, 

He told me that he would have the shirt that I needed next week and I said okay,” he recalled to KCAL. I didn’t have no idea of any of that. I know they said [Hussle] was a Rolling 60s. That’s not what he is today, He’s a celebrity. I took a picture with a celebrity. I met him once, took a selfie

Well, as of now, Lathan has also requested the authority to drop the parole violation charge on him.