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Home Gossip The reason why Trey Smith believes in God will make your heart melt!!

The reason why Trey Smith believes in God will make your heart melt!!

Richa Mon May, 2016
The reason why Trey Smith believes in God will make your heart melt!!

Every individual has faith in different things. They trust and believe in their destiny that supports them with huge distinct. Looking at this overview of celebrities, it can be seen that Trey Smith has a great faith in God. He is a follower of Christianity and respects god in every decision he makes.

According to him, he feels as a child of God and before taking any serious decision and step in life, he often remembers the god and feels blessing in his head for the better work. His work as an actor in movies with great success is one of the major reason for his faith towards the god.

Will Smith's son Trey Smith; His Faith in God

From his early childhood, he learned to worship and praying God for his mother and grandmother. His grandfather was a priest of a church, therefore, he encouraged building up faith towards the power of gods. He also read many religious books and sculptures related to this and build trust with the interaction with god.

This is the fact he says, now the reason for the success that he obtained from the early age also with collecting good net worth. His uncle, who was an author, also has a similar point of view related to this aspect.



Trey, in football, is also exclusive, however, his profile has many hidden facts about his life and has not been open to the media yet. He is a food lover and that aspect of this can be seen on social sites can also be seen. Though he has not elaborated any information about his affair, he is noted for having a trustworthy girlfriend in his life. 

Congrats @smithtrey98 on being named #1 in your class!That's a huge accomplishment. I'm so proud of you. Keep working! The sky is the limit!

— Ariel Massengale (@Aye_Mass05) April 27, 2016

Trey's appreciation for his work can even be seen made on social sites. He is planning to contribute some of his earning to social charity for their work.