The news of Paul Teutul, Sr, financial crisis under suspension. How much is his net worth?

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Paul Teutul Sr. issued having money-related issue by the broad communications, however, that news is denied by the man himself in a philanthropy occasion made by him, rather, he is going to begin a new business in endeavors and eateries. What was the reason behind the controversy? 

Paul Teutul Sr total asset is $15 million and he is mainstream with his monstrous biceps with his mustache and his cruiser. With his picture that suits with the cruiser, he has a show called American Chopper: Senior versus Junior with his child Paul Teutul Jr, moreover the show is restored in 26 scenes. More details here. 

Paul Teutul Sr, Financial Crisis Under Suspension? 

As per the sources, the founder of Orange Country Choppers, Paul Teutul Sr. having monetary issue and abandonment on homes is untrue. There was an issue that he was having a money-related issue with his family, however, the budgetary issue is not valid.  

Being married to Beth Dillon since 2007, he earned his net worth a manufacturer of custom motorcycles and the from the television series American Chopper. His wife is also very supportive and a big inspiration to him. 

Having 54.5K followers on Twitter, he is additionally rich in fan followings as well. 

Beth also explains the rumor about the financial crisis is not real at all. She indicates those are all made up stories by the people to reach up to the publicity with the name of Paul. They both are living a satisfactory life along with their children and family and the rumor is also there of them having a new home. But there is no any confirmation among the couple made up regarding this news.