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Home Gossip The net worth and salary of ESPN reporter Josina Anderson will make your jaw drop

The net worth and salary of ESPN reporter Josina Anderson will make your jaw drop

Ashmita Karki Thu Sep, 2016
The net worth and salary of ESPN reporter Josina Anderson will make your jaw drop

Josina Anderson, a well-known American journalist, has a jaw-dropping salary and net worth. But it’s not just about her net worth, she has an equally amazing career. And all of it didn't come to her overnight. Anderson has been working in the field of journalism for years and her hard work has paid her well enough in terms of finance.

Today we will be talking about Anderson’s career and her earnings.

Josina Anderson Net Worth

Anderson, who is well known as a sports reporter, has an estimated net worth of $2.2 Million. Isn’t that incredible? Yes, it obviously is. She has earned such a huge amount of net worth through various sports channels, NFL top shows, and games.

Anderson, 39, is a very hard-working and determined woman. She has a vast knowledge of her subject. Therefore, we can say that she deserves each penny of her net worth.

CAPTION: Josina Anderson has an estimated net worth of $2.2 million SOURCE: Celeb Rolls

Anderson is a stylish person who is often seen wearing designer clothes. She frequently shops expensive clothes, jewelry, gadgets and make-up products.



Well, to pull out so many expenses, one must have a whopping income.

Josina Anderson salary

Anderson has not revealed her annual salary. However, by looking at her amazing career and jaw-dropping net worth of $2.2 Million, we can say that Anderson’s annual salary must be really high.

Josina Anderson career

Currently, Anderson works as a journalist for ESPN and National NFL Insider. But looking at the past, Anderson was a ballet dancer who performed soloist with the American Youth Baller.

Also, she was the University of North Carolina’s track and field sprinter at the AAU Junior Olympic. It is the same university where she earned a degree in exercise and sports science.

Video: Watch Josina Anderson - ESPN workspace

Before actually working as a journalist, Anderson had collected a lot of experiences by working as an intern at various organizations before breaking into the big leagues. As a result, she got the opportunity to work as a sports anchor at the CBS affiliate in Coos Bay, Ore., in 2000. She remembers her past and says,

I was one of the few people to graduate and go right into a TV job without having to wait,

A year later she worked in Redskins Magazine as well. In 2011, talented Anderson joined ESPN and became the network’s first lady National NFL Insider in August 2015.

Josina Anderson awards and achievement

We already know about Anderson's outstanding achievements. Moving towards her awards, in 2009, Anderson won the Heartland Emmy award for "A Premonition to Addis Ababa".

It was a story about an Arena Football League quarterback’s journey to Ethiopia to adopt a son. During an interview, Anderson said that she was really shocked but overwhelmed equally when she bagged an Emmy Award. She said:

It was like when your dream finally comes true.