The Joke by Prince Charles after Harry's Birth that Broke Diana's Heart

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    Princess Diana had a special connection with her two boys, but there's one particular thing you may not know about Harry, the younger Prince's birth. Diana, knowing that she was carrying a baby boy, kept the secret from her husband throughout her entire pregnancy.

    She had to keep the secret from her husband as she was well aware of the fact that her husband, Prince Charles desperately wanted a girl child.

    Princess Diana and Prince Charles

    Image: Princess Diana holding her Baby

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    Diana was pressurized by her husband to produce a second child after the Birth of Prince Williams in June 1982. But, when Diana conceived the second time she suffered a miscarriage.

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    When she was expecting a child again, the third time, after two years she had no courage to tell her husband about the gender of the child as she knew that he wanted a girl.

    Princess Diana with Prince Charles and Harry

    Image: Princess Diana with Sons

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    Andrew Morton's Diana: Her True Story, reveals how she was offended when her husband made a remark after the birth of a son. "Charles always wanted a girl," she said. "Harry was a boy. His first comment was, 'Oh God, it's a boy.' His second: 'And he's even got red hair.'"

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    She admitted that she was badly broken and hurt after hearing the remark from her husband Charles.

    Princess Diana

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    During her pregnancy, Diana even told her friends, "I don't think I'm made for the production line, but it's all worth it in the end."