The Folly of Fame: Why have People Started Hating Amy Schumer?

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    Amy Beth Schumer, a.k.a. Amy Schumer is an American-born actress and stand-up comedian who is best known for her openly sexual jokes, and jokes supporting plus-size women. Just a few years back, she was at the peak of her career, with everyone talking about her, and winning numerous awards.

    But as of now, the comedian has reached the other side of the fame, being hated by a majority and even being called a racist and an anti-feminist. 

    Let's face it, being a comedian is hard. You have to come with a witty, funny joke and make sure that you insult no one, since it can sometimes be quite hard because people have their own opinions. And the internet has made the world even more complicated because every little thing is bound to offend someone. 

    Amy Schumer

    Amy Schumer

    Source: NY Daily News

    But when it comes to Schumer, she has bitten more than she can chew, just to become funny and gain attention. This has now proved to be Amy's blunder.

    Here we are going to share some reasons why people hate Amy Schumer. Let's find out. 

    1. Too Many Sex Jokes

    One of the traits of Amy which first gained her massive media attention is her openness regarding sexuality and body image. She has always made jokes about her body and how it is not acceptable in Hollywood. And let's not forget the humorous sex jokes satirizing both men and women. 

    Have you seen her music video Milk Milk Lemonade, featuring no other than Amber Rose? Through the lyrics of the song, she satires how men are infatuated with the body part of women which has a function of excreting. 

    Watch Amy's music video for Milk Milk Lemonade

    This videos indeed is a masterpiece and we highly doubt anyone disagrees. But Amy does not seem to get that too much of anything good can make you sick too. 

    Throughout the years, her comedy has mostly been about sex jokes that have made people tired of her. Her jokes are getting old and repetitive and have reached a point where it is almost annoying. 

    2. Accused of Plagiarism

    In the past few years, Amy has been thrown under the bus by many comedians and personalities for copying their jokes and not crediting them. Not long ago, stand-up comedian Wendy Liebman shared on her Twitter how Amy Schumer stole her joke on her HBO special and how memes of her joke were all over social media without crediting her. The tweet has since been deleted as she is currently quite good friends with Amy. 

    Wendy Libeman's tweet which has been deleted

    Wendy Liebman's tweet which has been deleted

    Source: Buzzfeed

    But as the tweet hit the internet by storm, Amy shared a tweet saying she would never steal a joke.