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Home Gossip American Guitarist Derek Trucks Professional Accomplishments, His Annual Earning, Net Worth, & Salary

American Guitarist Derek Trucks Professional Accomplishments, His Annual Earning, Net Worth, & Salary

Nisha Bohara Sun Jun, 2018
American Guitarist Derek Trucks Professional Accomplishments, His Annual Earning, Net Worth, & Salary

American guitarist Derek Trucks has left no stones unturned to achieve what he wants in the field of rock music. Pop lover and talented guitarist Trucks, who started up as a small child holding different chords of the guitar, has made up various achievements in his field to date. One of the biggest achievements of his entire career can be claimed to be his American jam band The Derek Truck Band that is the Grammy Award-winning band.

The founder of The Derek Truck Band is supposed to have a net worth in millions. The success has touched this cool dude in such way that his achievements deserve a huge applause. Find out more about his profession, net worth, and salary along with us.

Derek Trucks Early Career

Born in Jacksonville, Florida, Derek was fond of this dazzling instrument called Guitar since his childhood. At the age of nine, he bought his first guitar for $5.

He learned to play it as the time passed. He performed his first show at the age of 11. By 13, Trucks had played beside Buddy Guy and toured with Thunderhawk

Find about Trucks Musical Journey!!!

In 1994, Trucks formed his jam band The Derek Trucks Band. With this, he got an opportunity to work with big artists like Joe Walsh, Stephen Stills, and Bob Dylan. He also performed with The Allman Brothers Band for several years as a guest musician.

Later on, in 1999, he became a formal member of the band. He also appeared on the albums like One Way Out, Live at the Beacon Theatre, Peakin’ at the Beacon.

CAPTION: Derek Truck

In 2006, Trucks collaborated with Eric Clapton and together they debuted in The Road to Escondido and performed with three bands in 17 different countries.

In 2008, Trucks built a studio in Florida and further recorded the album Already Free with his band The Derek Trucks Band.

Further, in 2007, he collaborated with his singer-wife Susan Tedeschi and formed a combined band Soul Stew Revival. However, the band couldn’t operate well. Afterward, in 2010, he again formed another band Tedeschi Trucks Band which couldn’t operate as well. 

On January 8, 2014, Trucks and his fellow guitarist Warren Haynes left the Allman Brothers Band.

Trucks Net Worth and Salary

Derek started his career at very young age. He was well paid for his performances since the age of 11. Trucks career as a musician and his jam band have helped him in earning his worth. According to the sources, Derek Trucks has a net worth of $240 million in 2018.

CAPTION: Derek Truck with wife Susan
SOURCE: Times Colonist

Having been involved with different bands and musicians, Derek Truck has managed to earn enough. From the period between September 2016 to September 2017, he has earned $75 million from his performances.

He also invests his earnings in different properties, and he is also involved in the endorsement of many popular cosmetic brands which has additionally helped to earn his worth. His wife Susan Tedeschi has the net worth of $6 million.