Texas Man Died After Assaulting Wife and Shooting a Neighbor, Sets House Ablaze

Updated On 18 Apr, 2019 Published On

A man died in a hail of gunfire with police after assaulting his wife and fatally shooting a neighbor. He set his house on fire before he died, San Antonio authorities have confirmed.

According to Police Chief William McManus, the man "severely" beat his wife on Tuesday, April 16, then opened fire on her but she managed to run away.

The woman suffered severe facial injuries in the assault but was not struck by gunfire. However, the police chief said that a neighbor was shot in the gunfire.

William said before officers arrived, the shooter had set fire to his home and then "took a prone position" and opened fire with a rifle.

It's unclear who he was firing at but officers fired back in response. The man was fatally shot, William said.

However, authorities don't know if he shot himself or got shot by the officers' gun.

According to San Antonio Police Chief Charles Hood,  high winds caused the fire at his home and spread to a neighbor's house. As the gunfire was ongoing, firefighters were not able to fight the blaze immediately.

Charles said, "Until that suspect is down we're not going to attack a fire," Hood said. "We don't want to become a victim."

The names of the suspect and victims both have not been released. The wife reportedly is recovering from her injuries in a hospital.

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