Texas Man Arrested for Slapping a Boy, 12, For Bullying His Stepdaughter

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A Texas man, namely James Peace, who was arrested after he slapped a 12-year-old boy who allegedly bullied his stepdaughter, Presleigh Rigney.

The boy admitted on Tuesday, February 19, to bullying his stepdaughter. James, who resides in Deer Park city, was arrested and charged with injury to a child under 15.

James told KHOU-TV that the incident with the boy got out of control when he confronted him.

Presleigh told KHOU-TV that she was bullied by the boy; he allegedly told her she looked "transgender". She also claimed that the boy flung ice cream at her.

According to the news station, when she said about the incident to her parents, her stepfather came to pick her up at school. He wanted to "have a word with" the boy.

Citing a police complaint, the station said, in a video obtained by police, James can be seen slapping the boy while he was walking home, knocking his headphones out of his ear.

James told KHOU-TV,

I wish it would’ve gone differently, maybe I should’ve, you know, (said) ‘where’s his parents at?’ I probably should’ve walked him home and talked to his parents, but I didn’t like where his mouth was taking him and like I said, if I wasn’t intimidating him, then what were they doing to her every day.

James said he’s ready to face any consequences come his way following the incident.

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