Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir Would Make a Perfect Couple: Are They In a Relationship? Past Affairs

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    Tessa Jane McCormick Virtue, professionally known as Tessa Virtue, is a Canadian ice dancer. She is widely recognized as 2010 Olympic Gold Medalist and 2014's Olympic Silver Medalist. She won the medals alongside her partner Scott Moir, who is also a Canadian and an ice dancer. The duo has been ice skating together from a very young age and was teamed up in 1997. Moreover, they are known for their elegant and romantic dance routine which they perform on the ice. 

    Tessa is currently 28-years-old, and Scott is 30-years-old, both born in Ontario. They look adorable together, and their fans claim that they are now in a relationship. Sorry to break the news, but they are not dating.  

    Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir

    Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir 

    Source: Huffington Post Canada

    Here, we are going to share some information about the duo's relationship and their other affairs. 

    Tessa Virtue's relationship with skate partner Scott Moir

    Tessa and Scott met when they were little kids and have been very close ever since. After they were paired for ice skating, their friendship got even stronger. 

    After their most recent skate routine in romantic song Perfect by Ed Sheeran, a lot of their fans desperately want the pair to date. There are numerous tweets where fans including some celebrities have shared about their intense chemistry on the ice. 

    Watch their routine here

    Even Bruce Arthur tweeted, 'Virtue and Moir are the sexiest killers at these Olympics that we know of.'

    But the duo revealed that they are not dating and that they have no future plan of such. However, it's not the case in the past. According to sources, the pair were in a relationship when they were just children. 

    Tessa was 8 and Scott was 10 when they got together. But their relationship lasted only eight months as Scott called it off after he was teased by some of his friends. 

    Scott even jokes, 'it was romantic in the beginning.'


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    Nonetheless, the pair is only skating buddies and have a solid relationship not only as partners but also because of their friendship history that dates back when they were children. 

    Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir Past Relationships

    Apart from their childhood relationship, there are no details about Tessa and Scott dating other people. 

    They are indeed celebrities and have made their country proud, but they are very confidential when it comes to their personal life, and there are no reports about them dating nor have they been spotted with other people while on a date in public.