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Home Gossip Television presenter Rav Wilding; Know about his net worth and Career

Television presenter Rav Wilding; Know about his net worth and Career

abhilasha Thu Dec, 2016
Television presenter Rav Wilding; Know about his net worth and Career

Rav Wilding the famous English television presenter, former British Army soldier and a police officer have been able to make a considerable amount of net worth from his career. His show Crime Watch is very much popular in the United Kingdom and many other parts of the world for which he was the former presenter.

Being in this TV show Rav Wilding has been able to gain huge popularity among British audience. As he was related to the same field before persuading his career as a television program host it has made him easy to present the show. Joining the BBC Crimewatch he has made the good utilisation of his former jobs and also made huge earning.

Rav Wilding's net worth

Rav Wilding recently joined the television world but being quite popular he has been able to earn a good sum of amount. Rav Wilding before sometimes won a huge sum of money from Splash which was over the injury that happens which left him very ill.

Rav Wilding for Crimewatch

The amount that Rav Wilding won has highly contributed to the net worth he enjoys. In one of the twitter post, we can see the fuel filling of his car which is a pretty huge amount. Even though he hasn't mentioned which car he owns it seems like he drives a very expensive car as per the picture which is just because of her high income.


Television presenter Rav Wilding's career

As being mentioned Rav before starting his career as a television presenter was involved in the different field. He is a former security guard at Harrods, soldier and police officer. Rav joined the British Army right after his secondary school got over. Being in the army he served as the specialist in air defence in the 5th airborne brigade.


Later Rav Wilding was offered to be in the elite unit as a 'feeder unit' in the Special forces. But as he suffered from major leg break he left the Army serving for four years. Then he began working in the security team for Knightsbridge at Harrods.

Then as Rav got bored from his security job he joined the Metropolitan Police Service and started the training school. Rav was involved in high-profile police investigation as he was posted to South London. He also became the part of the specialist unit after his involvement in the death case of Damilola Taylor. He was in the team posted in the area where this incident happened.

Rav after facing tonnes of interviews got the opportunity of being part of BBC Crimewatch. He began as the co-host in June 2004 then left in December 2011. These days he is working as a regular reporter on crime issues for BBC One's 'The One Show' and has also co-presented program 'Missing Live'.

Helicopter Heroes was another show he hosted in the year 2008. During 2011 he became the co-presenter and dunk tester for Dave Benson Phillips in the remake of Get Your Own Back. He also appeared in 'Strictly Come Dancing' in 2009and also in 'Big Brother's Little Brother in 2010.