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Home Gossip Teen Mom's Catelynn Baltierra Struggle With Postpartum Depression,Also Know Her Married Life

Teen Mom's Catelynn Baltierra Struggle With Postpartum Depression,Also Know Her Married Life

Sabina Gartaula Sun Jan, 2018
Teen Mom's Catelynn Baltierra Struggle With Postpartum Depression,Also Know Her Married Life

Best known as one of the Teen MomsCatelynn Lowell, also known as Catelynn Baltierra, is an American TV personality. She appeared on the show after she got pregnant as a teen like Farrah Abraham. At the moment, she is working as an advocate for adoption. Moreover, as a TV personality, she has also appeared in the third season of TV show Couples Therapy along with her husband, Tyler Baltierra

Born on 12th March 1992, the 25-year-old is currently all set to head back to rehab for treatment. She revealed the news about her heading back to get treatment through her Instagram and Twitter through a very sentimental post. The information is creating a lot of buzz about the young reality TV star. 


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In all the world no one is exactly like me 

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Here we are going to give you some in-depth information on her treatment, mental health, marital life, and children. 

Catelynn Baltierra heading back to treatment

After the birth of her baby girl Novalee Reign in 2015, she started facing the problem of postpartum depression. Later in 2016, she booked into an Arizona facility to deal with the issue. 

After her return from the facility, she again went back for another treatment to deal with her impulse of harming herself. She returned from there just two weeks ago. But it seems that she was in a hurry and came out too soon. Through a Twitter post, which she also shared on her Instagram page, the TV personality shared that she is heading back to the facility for the third time and that she is heading back to treat her trauma and get proper medication for it. 


#keeptalkingmh #whatdoesntkillmemakesmestronger

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In the Twitter post, it seemed very hopeful that things will go out very well this time, and she also shared her love for her husband Tayler and daughter Nova. 

We also hope that this is the last time she has to get treatment. 

Catelynn Baltierra marital life and children

Catelynn is currently married to her husband Tyler Baltierra, who also appeared on Teen Moms alongside her. The two started dating back on 15th July 2004, and after just three years of being in a relationship, they found out that they were pregnant. 

Watch Catelynn and Tyler on Teen Moms Season 6

Both of them being very young and knowing that they will not be able to provide their child with the best, they decided to give their child up for adoption. The entire adoption process and the birth process was documented on Teen Moms. 

Their first child Carolyn Elizabeth, named by her adoptive parents, was born on 18th May 2009 and is currently 8-years-old. According to reports, the parents still get pictures of their daughter time and again and meet her once every year. 


My lover my best friend love you @tylerbaltierramtv

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Even after the show ended, the couple stuck together and dated for ten years until they decided to take things further. They got engaged on 25th December 2014 and got married eight months later on 22nd August 2015. 

However, there was a special surprise in between getting engaged and married as the couple gave birth to their second daughter Nova Reign on 1st Jan 2015. She is currently 3-years-old and can be seen on her mother's Instagram page time and again. 

There is no doubt that the couple is going to be together for a long time as there have been no rumors of the two getting a divorce. Neither there have been any conflicts in their relationship.