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Tayvion Power Biography

Tayvion Power

Facts of Tayvion Power

Date of Birth: 2001 , January-13
Birth Nation: United States

Quick Timeline of Tayvion Power

2001 Born on 2001
2008 Lost mother on 2008
2012 Inspired by his father on 2012
2012 Joined Tweeter on 2012
2013 Released first video in June 2013
2016 Became top teenage personality by the end of 2016

Detail Timeline of Tayvion Power

January 13 , 2001

Born on 2001

Tayvion Power was born in the year of 2001, on January 13, in the Washington D.C. of the United  States of America. He is a talented teenage, Vine personality and well known in the virtual community.


Lost mother on 2008

 He lost his mother in the year of 2008. He was at the age of 7 when his mother left this earth.  Stomach cancer was the reason behind her mother's death. He was then raised by his father.


Inspired by his father on 2012

His father is one of the most popular personalities in the Vine community. So, he was inspired by his father personality . He then joined Vine and created his own fame. It all happened after they shifted to Los Angels.


Joined Tweeter on 2012

He joined the social site: Tweeter in the year of 2012. He has more than 10 thousand followers in his tweeter. He mostly tweets and uploads the picture when he feels bored. He has uploaded some videos as well.


Released first video in June 2013

He released his first video recording in June 2013. He recorded that video in his father’s car. The same video gained 169 thousand views in the first 2 months. Because of this video, he became able to accumulate 200,000 followers in  5 months.


Became top teenage personality by the end of 2016

At the age of 15, he became one of the top teenage Vine personalities, reaching 1.2 million followers. His father's fame also helped him to gain this much of popularity. Besides, it is his own talent which helped to raise his fame.


After he was relocated to  Los Angels, California with his father, he developed the interest in Vine. He posted his first Video in his father’s car which got  169 views within a two month. An additional advantage to this guy is, he is a son of the great Vine personality  DeStrom Power. Today, he collaborates on a Vine video with Carter  Reynolds and also with Malak Watson.

Most of the celebrity has gained immense popularity through their affairs and relationship. But this teenage artist is better known for his own talent and is devoid of any relationship.  He is not dating any girl and it's useless to talk about his children as he is just at the age of 16. His net-worth is not revealed yet. Beside Vine, he is well famous on tweeter and also on Instagram.