Taylor Swift’s End Game Out, Throws YouTube in Frenzy

Updated On 12 Jan, 2018 Published On

2018 has just begun, but its end game for Taylor Swift. The leggy lass released her video for the song End Game on Friday, January 12, at the stroke of midnight and folks just can't get enough of it.

With more than 450,000 views within an hour of release on YouTube, the multi-star video also features, along with Taylor, Future, 34, and Ed Sheeran, 26. Not to forget, Taylor and Ed have a ton of fun at a yacht party. She and Sheeran collaborated on Everything Has Changed in 2012.

Who would not enjoy partying on water?

But that’s not all. Taylor then goes on a round-the-world trip. She shows up in Tokyo, London and Miami, among other places, enjoys ramen and zooms around in a fast car and monstrous bike.

Also, the video has some awesome Easter eggs to show. We understand Tay’s videos are not complete without her lovely felines (watch the video closely for a cat). But what about a snake? Well, not the one you are thinking about. Rather, it’s a game that Taylor plays which most of us have forgotten.

Not much was known about the video before its release. However, Taylor did create much rumor after being spotted doing her dance moves on set in Miami. On top of that, fans went crazy about a backup dancer in the video who resembles Katy Perry, 33.

End Game was directed by Joseph Khan, of the Blank Space and Look What You Made Me Do fame.