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Home Gossip Taylor Swift Gets Cosy With Rihanna's Ex-Boyfriend, The Rapper Drake, Are They Dating Each Other?

Taylor Swift Gets Cosy With Rihanna's Ex-Boyfriend, The Rapper Drake, Are They Dating Each Other?

Dilip Adhikari Sat Feb, 2017
Taylor Swift  Gets Cosy With Rihanna's Ex-Boyfriend, The Rapper Drake, Are They Dating Each Other?

The star singer Taylor Swift and the singer of starting from the bottom, Drake were seen together, this news caught eyes of everyone and has the main topic of the gossip town this year.

Drake and the superstar Rihana were together but recently they broke-up. This duo has gone through this more than once in their relationship. With a very unstable relationship between Drake and Rihana there arises a silent question, is this the final break-up or is it similar like those in the past? We'll get there soon but now let's talk about what is going on between Drake and Taylor Swift?

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Drake and Taylor Swift

In the 30th birthday party of Drake, Taylor Swift was also invited. That's something normal right? But wait for more details. Is it normal that Drake took Taylor Swift to meet his mother? So, if you say that's normal too, then here's more detail about the party?

Taylor Swift and Drake

Taylor Swift


In that party, Drake was seen giving more time to Taylor Swift then anyone else, not just that, Drake was also seen very close to Taylor. There was a lot flirting and touching, but no kissing and some photos were also posted on Instagram. The photo is not available now but we do have a tweet where Drake tagged Taylor check it out.

To the photos on Instagram, Rihana reacted. Can you make some assumption on how she reacted? Well, it was a typical reaction coming from any one's girlfriend, that was to delete all those photos. Even though Drake and Rihana broke-up they are close and from this what do you get? Well, for now, we cannot say anything.So, Let's review their relationship in the past.

Drake is in an open relationship with Jennifer Lopez and the couple is not shy to express their love publicly. In the recent Grammy Awards while walking the red carpet JLO spoke about Drake. Watch the video.

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Rihana and Drake Relationship 

There were many ups and downs in the hot-shot relationship between Rihana and Drake. All of you might have read those articles. Some article also mentioned their relationship to be more off and on than those of Rachel and Ross in Friends.

Rihana and Drake

Rihana and Drake at Abu Dhabi


But recently, with this incident that occurred with Drake and Taylor, it seems like Rihana is more close to Drake since Rihana texted her to remove the photos of Taylor and the hot shot Drake.


In the sitcom Friend Rachel and Ross get together at last so do you think they will also end up together? All we can do is wait and watch for them to make it official.

Drake with Twins

Recently, Drake was seen having dinner with the twin sisters on the V-day (Valentine's Day). Who are those two women? Is Drake cheating? Those twin girls are Swedish model Elizabeth and Victoria Lejonhjärta and Drake also has their last name tattooed on his arms.

Here check out the video from the short movie Please forgive me

So, can you guess the relationship of Drake with those two sisters? Well, Drake is doing a short movie called Please Forgive me and in that short movie, the Lejonhjarta sisters are working with Drake. Those Swedish model and the hot shot superstar Drake are good friends.