Taylor Swift answers numerous questions about her in a new video '73 Questions With Taylor Swift'

Updated On 03 May, 2016 Published On

Taylor Swift has answered several details about her personal life and other issues on the Vogue’s 73 Questions. The new video of her answering all the candid details of her life has been released recently and has been open to inviting all the cameras inside her home in an attempt to do so. The Blank Space singer of 26 years of age has revealed that her boyfriend Calvin Harris has planted an olive tree in her yard and many more intimate details relating her life, her house, and her affairs.

The pretty beauty has managed to earn the net worth of a whopping 200 million dollars and earns a huge amount of salary for her endeavors in the music fraternity. Her songs such as Teardrops on My Guitar, Love Story, Shake It Off etc. are still extremely famous amongst her fans. 

Known for creating her own lyrics and making her own music video, the pretty beauty has been famously involved in tours too. News about her personal life and dating history are other aspects of her personality which have been widely searched by her fans across the world. 

The singer, who had an affair with Harry Styles, Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Lautner as well as Sam Armstrong previously, has had her personal life details probed into by the news tabloids and the paparazzi. This time, however, she has opened her doors to Vogue and has answered 73 Questions regarding her personal and professional life.

Amongst her candid answers, she has listed the theme song of Friends and Love Actually to be her favorite songs and has also revealed the fact that she has three coffee makers in her house amongst many more candid details about her personal life. To find more information about the pretty beauty, the video that has been posted on several sites can be watched.