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Home Gossip Taylor Schilling Opens Up about her Sexuality;Know about her Affairs and Relationship

Taylor Schilling Opens Up about her Sexuality;Know about her Affairs and Relationship

Mahammad Arsad shekh Tue Jun, 2017
Taylor Schilling Opens Up about her Sexuality;Know about her Affairs and Relationship

The actress with stunning beauty, Taylor Schilling has successfully earned a place in the hearts of millions. She is widely known for her role as Piper Chapman on the Netflix's comedy-drama series Orange Is the New Black which made her the nominee of the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series.

In the show, Taylor Schilling plays a lesbian character and thus, people started pointing towards her sexual orientation. But recently at the premiere of the 5th season of Orange is the New Black on 9th June, Taylor Schilling addressed her sexuality and expressed her view on the same-sex relationship.

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Let's deal deeply with this topic. Just stay with us.

Taylor Schilling Addressed Her Sexual Orientation

The off-screen sexuality of Taylor Schilling was a subject of scrutiny for the last few years. In this regards, on 9th June, at the premiere of the 5th season of Orange is the New Black, the blonde beauty spoke about how she saw her sexuality. She said:

I’ve had very serious relationships with lots of people, and I’m a very expansive human. There’s no part of me that can be put under a label. I really don’t fit into a box – that’s too reductive.

Taylor also further said in the same interview with the Evening Standard Magazine

I’m working all the time – I don’t really have anything else going on. But I’ve had wonderful relationships. I’ve had a lot of love, and I don’t have any qualms about where it comes from.

CAPTION: Gorgeous actress Taylor Schilling
SOURCE: Daily Mail

The 34 years' old Taylor Schilling talking about the show which deals with the LGBTQ issues said she was delighted with how much progress was made with LGBT issues when Litchfield Prison sprang fully formed into our consciousnesses in 2013. She said:

Oh, in the first season, all people wanted to talk about was what it was like to kiss a girl.

Furthermore, Schilling also remembered that at first, she wouldn't reply to their questions and later, people became less attentive about the same-sex relationships. 

Now, if someone asks me that, there’s complete understanding if I say: ‘I’m not going to answer that question.’
The difference now was that people have stopped caring as much about same-sex relationships.

CAPTION: Taylor Schilling at the 2013 Emmy Awards
SOURCE: Popsugar

In addition, Taylor Schilling also said that there is no connection between her and her character in the show. She stated;

The things that are happening in this show, and to Piper, are not about the gender of the person she’s sleeping with. And that’s only four years.

I do feel that things have changed – the world has become a little more Orange.

Relationship With Her Female Co-star Carrie Brownstein

According to, Taylor Schilling was dating her co-star of Orange is the New Black Carrie Brownstein in the summer of 2015, however, none of the co-stars ever addressed anything about their relationship.

Former couple: Carrie and Taylor

Former couple: Carrie and Taylor

Source: Hollywood Life

Taylor and Carrie were spotted together attending many events and parties. And when the couple stopped giving their public appearances together, they were conjectured to have separated.

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Taylor Schilling and Carrie Brownstein were reportedly seen together last time at the 10th Annual Global Women’s Rights Awards in May 2015.

Regarding her relationship with Carrie, Taylor once said;

I’m not in a relationship, but if I were, I would be quite joyful, no matter who it was, But I don’t like dating. It takes a lot for me to be into somebody. I love everything about Carrie…It’s rare to find someone special in this business.

Though they were conjectured to be in a relationship with each other, their relationship rumors eventually faded away. Taylor Schilling is currently single and is not having an affair with anyone.

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We wish Taylor Schilling all the very best for her future and we hope she soon gets her better half. For more updates, keep in touch with Frostsnow.