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Home Gossip Tanner Fox Buy His Dream Car At Age 16. Know About His Net Worth

Tanner Fox Buy His Dream Car At Age 16. Know About His Net Worth

Alishan Mon Dec, 2016
Tanner Fox Buy His Dream Car At Age 16. Know About His Net Worth

Tanner Fox is an American Youtuber and social media celebrity. the internet personality is best known for his scooter stunts that he uploads on his channel Tanner Fox and MT films.

Currently 18 years of age, Tanner Fox had a dream of buying a car since he was a child. The YouTuber has finally bought the car at the age of 16, from his earnings from YouTube which is part of his net worth. The article below deals with Tanner Fox's net worth and the car he dreamt of buying when he was a kid.

Tanner Fox’s Net worth

Tanner Fox is an internet sensation and has a lot of followers in his YouTube channel which is named Tannerfox. He uses to post as MTfilms back in September 2011 and then switched to being self-titled. He had around 2.1 million followers and reached a milestone of 3 million this year.

Not only on YouTube has he also had about 1.1 million people following him on Instagram as well. Tanner who is just 16 has a net worth of about $800,000.

Tanner Fox's salary 

Tanner Fox is said to receive $5.1K - $81.2K per month from his YouTube account and $60.9K - $974.1K every year. This salary that he receives from YouTube is part of his net worth.

Tanner Fox buys dream car at 16

Tanner Fox is famously known for his videos on YouTube has just bought a new Nissan GTR. He has about 8 million subscribers on YouTube and he claims that he bought the car with his own hard earned money.

As we know from the videos he posted that he had always dreamt about owning a GTR and he finally got what he wanted on August 18, 2016. Ahh! How I wish that car belonged to me. Anyways he posted every little detail of when he got the car and the dude looked super excited and thrilled to have finally bought the car at 16.


A photo posted by Tanner Fox (@tannerfox) on

You can imagine how happy he was, I mean who wouldn’t be right? Going through the details, Tanner Fox bought a Nissan GTR 2010 which had run about 2800 miles. The day he bought it he showed if off to his friends and family, as every guy would do. If I were him I would have let the whole neighborhood know about it by driving it around.  As a matter a fact I surely would have slept in the car.


well... she's mine??

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On September 17, 2016, posted another video where he goes to LA to get a mod on his GTR. This guy, who is dating fellow YouTuber Taylor Alesia, is living the dream right now. Tanner Fox removed his old exhaust and got some new ones, even louder than the stock parts. Tanner sure has some taste and knows what he is doing.

That wasn’t where he stopped; on November 16, 2016, Tanner Fox posted another video where he bought another car in exchange for his old GTR. He explains in the video that he went to Nissan to get his car (Nissan GTR 2010) checked and walked out with a sweet deal.

Tanner Fox, who is in a relationship with Taylor Alesia, bought a new 2017 Nissan GT-R Premium in exchange for his old GTR 2010 model. He was overwhelmed to get the new car and also the car had only run 30 miles.

Dude, you know, if I had that car, I would be as happy as he was in the video. I am pretty sure that you guys have watched the video as well. The way Tanner Fox expresses those emotions in the video, the overwhelming feeling, I would have been the same; I think everybody would be the same if they bought their car at 16, don’t you agree?