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Home Gossip Tammy Bradshaw's Husband Terry Bradshaw's Net Worth: Detail About His Salary, Career, and Awards

Tammy Bradshaw's Husband Terry Bradshaw's Net Worth: Detail About His Salary, Career, and Awards

Sabina Gartaula Wed Jan, 2018
Tammy Bradshaw's Husband Terry Bradshaw's Net Worth: Detail About His Salary, Career, and Awards

Terry Paxton Bradshaw, professionally known as Terry Bradshaw, is a former football quarterback from the United States. The former NFL player is also a TV sports analyst, co-host on Fox NFL Sunday and an actor. He has appeared in numerous TV shows and films among which the most popular one is his role in Failure of Launch

Terry has an estimated net worth of $15 million, and the 69-year-old is currently married to Tammy Bradshaw. He got married to his long-term girlfriend back in 2014. Moreover, he was previously married 3 times and has 2 children with his third wife. His first wife was Miss Teenage America 1969, Melissa Babish. His second wife JoJo Starbuck was an ice skater, and his third wife was Charla Hopkins

Terry Bradshaw

Terry Bradshaw

Source: Sporting News

These are some details about his personal life. However, here we are going to share with you details about his career, awards, and net worth. 

Terry Bradshaw career and awards

Terry played football back in his high school and college years. However, it was not until 1970, he was selected by the Pittsburgh Steelers. He did not stand out in the first few seasons of NFL and had to adjust. But in 1974, he brought his team to victory by defeating Minnesota Vikings followed by another victory in 1975

Later in 1976, he missed four games because of a wrist and neck injury. However later in 1978 and 1979, he led his team back on track. 

Watch Terry talk about Pittsburgh Steelers' history

Between 1981 and 1982, he had a severe injury to his elbow, but he decided to play anyway which resulted in him quitting the game midway. A few years later, his elbow was injured again which caused a permanent damage. So far in his career as a football player, he has led his team to victory four times. 

In 1984, he retired from playing football and in no times signed deals with CBS as a football broadcasting analyst. He was soon a big success in TV  and in 1990, he signed a contract with Fox Sports.

Watch Terry on FOX Sports

Moreover, apart from his appearance on TV and his career as a football player, he is also an author and has co-authored five books.  And as an actor, he has appeared in movies like Hopper, The Jeff Foxworthy Show, alongside actors like Burt Reynolds, Sally Field. He has also appeared in advertisements of Tide

Talking about his achievements and awards, he was named the Super Bowl Most Valuable Player in 1978 and 1979 followed by the honor of Sportsman of the Year in 1979 shared with Willie Stargell. Even during his retirement, he was named the first four-time Super Bowl Champion

Terry Bradshaw's star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Terry Bradshaw's star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Source: Articles from the latimes

He has been honored several times in his NFL career. He was also honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Furthermore, he is a very respected player and his No. 12 jersey has still not been reissued to any other player in the Pittsburgh Steelers team despite his retirement. 

Terry Bradshaw's earnings and property

Terry Bradshaw has an estimated net worth of 15 million as of 2017, and his net worth in 2018 is under review. Back in 2012, his net worth was $1 million with an annual salary of $1 million. At the moment, his annual salary has been estimated to be $2 million. 

His major source of income in the current context is his career on TV as a host and actor. His previous career as a football player also has a huge influence on his net worth. 

Moreover, endorsements and sponsorships are also a huge source of income for him. As mentioned above, he has appeared in ads for Tide. Not long ago, he was rumored to have endorsed a device which helped people with a knee injury. 

With such huge income and net worth, the TV personality certainly loves to live a luxurious life. And talking about his real estate, he built a ranch worth $10.8 million in Oklahoma back in 2002. The house has been listed as one of the most expensive houses in the state. The main house alone cover a massive 8,600 square foot and the entire property covers 744 acres of land. 

Terry Bradshaw Oklahoma Ranch

Terry Bradshaw Oklahoma Ranch

Source: Realtor

The rustic style house features 6 bedrooms, 6 full bathrooms and the balconies give a gorgeous view of the nearby river. It is a heaven for anyone who loves nature, horses, and cattle. 

However, in December 2017, the house was on the market for sale. The price tag of the house was massive $9.95 million. According to reports, the house has been on market since 2014, and he spent so much time and money to develop the ranch. 

Moreover, not long ago, his previously owned North Kohala house was sold for a massive $1.85 million. 

Terry Bradshaw North Kohala House

Terry Bradshaw North Kohala House

Source: LA Times

Unfortunately, he had to retire from his dream job quite early, but he has found a new track in his life and is doing good. So, we hope that the man continues his career on TV and grows even more in the industry.